I scowl when I see John come up with the girl. Storming over to him, I demand to know where the Captian is.

I sigh and go down to my room, thinking. Planning. How can I make him mine? Then I suddenly realize why I don't like the girl. She's competition. She needs to leave. Then I think of Sarah. And start laughing. She can stay. She would never try to take the Captian away from me. Besides, she doesn't want romance messing up her life. She's told me before, several times.

So, making my choice to get rid of the girl, I leave my room and head down the hall. It's quiet this time of day, when everyone is working. So when I hear footsteps behind me, I'm startled. Then I turn to see the Captian.

"Oh. Christian. Hi." I stutter, hoping he doesn't notice my blush.

He steps around me. "I'm not in the mood right now, Katrin." he says.

I nod, trying to hold back tears. What is wrong with me?

The End

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