As I watched the young captain push a hand back through his hair I began to feel a little sorry for the man. He seemed to have a lot on his mind as it is from what I could tell but I wasnt usually good at reading people. I hadn't had the social benefits of mingling with different people to be able to read people.

"Where are you heading?" I ask after a few moments of silence. The Captain glances up and tilts his head.

"The Southern Empire" he says.

I nod slowly then bite my lip against another question I want to ask. The Captain notices this but I see the tiredness in his eyes that has now replaced the awed look he had given me earlier. He still seemed to be trying to work out as he watched me and I felt a weird tension build between us. "What's you name?" I couldnt stop the words falling from my lips and blush looking away.

"I am Captain Christian Watson" he says sitting up firmly. My eyes wander his features and I yank them away. He's just another man, Abigale. You dont trust any man ever again remember. Not one. A thought of Marcus enters my mind and I quickly stop it remembering he can track me if I ever think of him. The ship suddenly groans against the wind but I push it off as a coincidence. "Look, you can tell me why you're here and help on the ship 0r you cannot tell me and be locked in here for the rest of the voyage"

"I'm here to excape someone" I repeat from earlier.

"Who?" Christian pushes.

"No one that you'd believe existed" I mutter under my breath but he hears it.

"There's no such person" he says.

I look up avoiding his eyes but looking at him with a piercing gaze. "Trust me there is such a person" I whisper.

Christian falls silent then moves round to undo my binds. I twirl my wrist stretching the aches out of them before watching him move to the door. "John!" the Captain bellows. The boy comes scuttling.

"You've got a lacky. Make use of it" the Captain says offering a hand to help me up which I take releasing the grasp quickly and rubbing the hand on my trousers. Christian watches me intrigued but then the tired look sets over his face again. "I've got things to think about. Tell Katrin to make sure no one disturbs me for the next 3 hours. Not even her"

I can swear when he said her I felt a wave of emotion which I only feel when the emotion is strong thanks to being around a sorcerer for so long. I taste the emotion on my tongue which may sound weird but its how it work and it tastes like guilt. I glance at the Captain and I know he can tell that I know in someway.

"Yes, sir. Come on then...." this John says trailing off when it comes to my name. We walk out of the Captain's quarters with the door closing behind us heavily.

"Abigale" I say not wanting to say my last name because its the one he gave me. It had been cause of where he first saw me he says. In a Rowan tree but he chose Rowen.

"Okay then. Well, Katrin's been quite cruel to me today and given me the job to watch the side of the ship. I hope you have good balance cause we'll be sitting on a plank supported by ropes we'll have to bide to the mast" he says. I glance up at the mast which creaks against a heavy wind and swallow heavy.

"Okay" I squeak.

The End

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