The scream woke me and I had my sword drawn then was up to my feet with a second. There stood what I think was the cabin boy and he was already yelling. "Stowaway!" he yelled turning and racing off. I swore and soon there were some grouchy looking sailors.

One swung there sword and blocked it with ease swinging my arm into his gut. Then I got hit over the head and fell to my knees the sword dropping from my fingers. My arms were yanked behind my back harshly. Luckily my hair was still tucked up in my hat which tilted down to cover my face. I wasnt in the mood for them to go all gentleman on me.

So they drag me up to deck which cause of my blurry sight all I saw were blotches of figures. Then my hat was yanked off and my wild hair spilled out. I glared up and what I now realised was the Captain with narrowed eyes.

"A women" the first mate says. Hypocrite, you're a women. Dont be so shocked. I dont speak these thought of course but I notice the Captain gaze.

He looks at me almost in awe and I feel something stir within me. He's looking at me showing general attraction not dominance or hunger. I look down with a blush. "What are you doing on this ship?" the Captain says his voice firm.

"I needed to get away"

"From who?"

"Non of your buisness" I say softly knowing I should stand my ground but I cant. Those eyes so deeply and looking at me with that spark of awe.

"Put her in store room" the Captain says.

"She wont fit, sir" a pot belly man says. The Captain grunts and shakes his head.

"Then my quarters"

"Tie her to a chair" the first mate says to the man whose dragging me off. I glance at the Captain and our eyes meet just before I'm tugged off.

The End

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