Morning AfterMature

Captain Christian Watson

“Good god how much did I drink last night?!” Was the first thought that crossed my mind when I woke up. Actually that was my second thought. My real first one was “Damn my head hurts!”. I clumsily sat up to find I'd managed to fall asleep on the upper deck. Explains why so much sunlight assaulted my eyes when I blearily opened them. I stood up and ran to the ships edge. When I felt I could stand up fine without the aid of the banister I let go.

Hoping my stomach would remain calm now. I looked around to see it was still early morning and the only other person on deck was Tom, one of the gunner and boatswains on the ship. I walked over and nudged him awake with a kick to his arm. He mumbled something about “impossible girl” then fell back asleep. I considered giving him a harsher kick but decided I needed actual food more and so headed below deck. Everyone was either snoring or elsewhere throwing up, hopefully in a bucket. Otherwise John had moping to look forward to when he woke up. I walked into the small kitchen and found Sid slumped on on of the chairs, a loud snore blasting from his open mouth. Lovely image I thought as I searched for food. I managed to find some dry and salted strips of meat, better than nothing.

I sat down, trying to ignore the smell of Sid. He needs to wash more I thought with a scrunched up nose. Just what happened last night, I thought back trying to recall but all the details were blurry. I remembered the first few drinks and general silliness. I also remember we started playing some kind of game and I kissed...

“Crap” I muttered, leaning back with my hand covering my face, as I voiced more curse words. Sid grunted awake as I stood up to leave – I suddenly wanted fresh air again. I murmured a morning to him and left. I hope what happened wouldn't mess up me and Katrin's friendship. The last thing I want is any weirdness between us. As I walked through th bowels of the ship I heard a soft snore nearby. This was one I recognised though. Just like with Tom, I kicked John awake. The difference was John didn't mumble and fall back asleep. Instead he shook awake and sat up quickly.

“You were a real lightweight last night kid” I said, ruffling his hair – something he clearly didn't appreciate based on his expression – before walking off.

I didn't get very far as John let out a yell of shock. I turned to look the way I had came. He wasn't where he had been. I followed the direction of his voice to the stocks. Wondering what on earth was going on.

The End

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