I am so gonna be in trouble for thisMature

Abigal Rowen

Okay, being a stowaway wasnt the best experience of my life. It wasnt the worst of course but it wasnt the best. I'd say the best was my 9th birthday when my father had saved up all our spending just to buy me a cake. It was delicious. I felt like the fluffy texture had melted in my mouth.

Remembering it now as I sat behind the barrels and sats in the shadow in the cargo area of the ship. Then someone else slumps down opposite the barrels and give a heavy sigh. I tense and find my heart picking up a beat. Oh gosh, what if they knock something over and find me?

"JOHN!" a voice yells a little while later. "Get your ass up here to celebrate"

"Coming, Tom" the person behind me yells back. He gets to his feet with a heavier sigh and once he's gone I take the chance to come out. Sneaking along the edge of the cargo I find the kitchen. I can hear everyone up top and take the chance to grab a few bits of bread.

I know they will notice it missing but its either steal or starve... I'd rather steal. "Spin the bottle" a man yells out and the whole crew cheers. Curiousity gets the best of me and sneaking up from the cargo I hide behind a cannon watching with a small smile on my face.

I notice the captain immediatly with his hat tilted on his head awkwardly and a bottle of rum in hand. Then the twirling bottle lands on him. He laughs loud and bellowing, a proper captain laugh. A proper man laugh that makes my heart skip a beat. I blush. What am I on about? Watching someone like this is just a bit weird.

The Captain reaches out and spins the bottle again. It lands on a girl and loads of whoops go out. The girl herself turns a little pink from what I can see but the Captain is too drunk to notice. He just tugs the girl by her waist and kisses her heavy on the mouth.

Its deep and long causing everyone to laugh. When he pulls away the Captain himself is laughing taking it all in as a joke but I can tell from the girls face that for her.... this is no joke.

Sneaking back down to the cargo I hide behind the barrels once again. I find myself trying to block out the sound of the laughter and also trying to sleep.

The End

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