Not my fault.Mature

John Jackson - Cabin Boy

I don't really know what to do so I just kind of stand staring up at her. Her long blonde hair is floating elegantly past her head as I try and pluck up the courage to Speke to her but the captain interrupts me.

"Oy! John. Go down and help Sid." I turn around to go down below decks glowering. He knows just as well as I do that Sid won't need any help. We are just setting out.

"Hey Sid. You need any help? The captain told me to come and help you out." I say as I enter the kitchen.

I hate Sid. He reminds me of my father. He has a late round belly which produces out at half a meter. And he is cranky. He bosses people around non stop. I think he believes he is the captain. Bit the captain is an awfull lot nicer. He took me under his care when I was homeless. Only problem is She has fallen for him. Only because he is tall and well built. Not my fault I am small...

"Oy! John. Are you even listening to me? Go and tell Katrin that every thing for the party is ready." Sid was yelling at me. I rolled my muddy brown eyes and walked out.

I found Katrin where she was before. I took a couple minutes nearing my self up and then went over to her.

"Sid says the stuff for the party is done." I said once she had acknowledged my presence.

"Great. I will tell the captain." She told me. She turned and walked off.

"Yeah. Sure. Great." I muttered before going below decks. I found a quiet corner and slumped down. Trying not to imagine Katrin flirting with captain.

The End

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