Set SailMature

Captain Christian Watson

I left my quarters as we got ready to set sail, I took in the sight of everyone working on deck. I saw that John the cabin boy was standing and not doing anything. I shook my head and signed.

“John! Go down below and help the Sid!” I yelled, I doubted Sid, our cook really needed help. But he would find something for the squirt to do.

John reminded me a lot of myself, I – like most I guess – started out as a mere cabin boy, it'd been hard work at times, boring at times, but it was worth in the end when I reached age and was allowed to accelerate through the various ranks. Though I never expected the old captain to give his ship, “The Strom Whisperer” to me. It felt like a millennia ago that I'd be scavenging on the streets, searching for any scrap of food. It got worse when Katrin joined me, I had two people to worry about. It had been hard to convince the rest of the crew to allow her to join when I was little, but somehow I managed it.

Thinking of Katrin I could see her on the upper deck, daydreaming as always from the looks of it. I shook my head and walked up the stairs and nodded my head a Katrin, my first mate. Today her long dirty blond hair was tied up in a loose ponytail and she was gazing at the crystal clear blue sea.

“Beautiful ain't it?” I said, startling her. I couldn't hold back the smile at her riled expression.

“Sorry ma'am” I said, tipping my hat to her before walking over to Derek, our pilot who was steering the wheel as always.

“The winds with us or against us today?” I asked, he took a second to answer me as he twisted the wheel to the right then he turned to face.

“It be with us right now, but I get the feeling the tide isn't” He growled, quickly returning to the wheel. He was right, the boat was shaking more than usual. I hoped we didn't run into a storm.

“Well let's hope the waters calm down by tonight, the guys want to celebrate our new setting out to sea with the usual” Katrin said with a laugh that lit up her green eyes.

“Yeah, Let's hope” I replied. I left the the two of them to go below and check everything was going smoothly there with the carpenter, Peter. I thought I heard a shuffle in the cargo area as I went past but when I gave the area a rueful glance nothing happened so I shrugged my shoulders and went on to find Peter. Once I heard the “Everything's safe and sound boss” from him I could relax for the day. Unless one of the sprogs on board chose to be a pain, I wouldn't mind handing out the cat o' nine tails today if they did.

Cat o' nine tails - whip

The End

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