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Abigale Rowen cant deal be being the pet of the powerful sorcerer, Marcus. So racing away she stows away on the ship, The Storm Whisperer. Becoming discovered she sways the heart of Captain Christian Watson but that doesnt sit well with first mate, Katrin Sweeny, and will John Jackson ever gain the love of the first mate.

Abigale Rowen

I race along the cobbled streets. Some strands of my hair sneak out from beneath my cap and whip wildly in the wind. My heart is pounding and each breath a take is scratching my throat.

I can't run much longer. I know that but I need to keep going. I cant let him get me. I can feel him. Feel the mystical aura that he radiates. The same aura that keeps me bound to him. That makes me want to stop and turn round to race him. I cant do that though. I have no idea what he would do to me.

Stop running!

His voice snaps blunt in my mind. If anything that makes me run faster. He has to be close to whisper into my mind. Oh god, Abigale, what have you gotten yourself into?

The cotton fabric of my brown trouser rub against my skin which has begun to feel raw. My loose cotton white shirt tucked into the waist of them. Then the thick firm sailors jacket that sits on my shoulder only done up with two buttons. Then I have a sword belt hanging loose round my waist and the sword itself thwacks on my leg every so often as I run. Then theres my gun...


I spin round and yank my gun out of his holster. I turn to face Marcus whose several metres away down the street. His mouth is set in a starl and it sends fear rattling through me. I feel like the scar on my hip begin to burn. The scar he had given me the first time I'd ran away.

"Don't" he whispers the words but they drift on the wind to my ear.

"Get lost" I hiss a fire. The bullet hits him dead in the chest and he stumbles back before dropping to his knees. I turn and run again. I hear his roar of anger but I know a wound like that will take at least a day to hill. Bullet wounds are quite nasty.


I keep my head down as I walk along the path towards the docks. I keep close to the buildings and also keep my head low. My mess of hair is tucked up beneath my cap. The tilt of my cap shadows my eyes and face. I'm more focusing on my eyes with are a mixture of green and blue. They almost glow causing them to be eeirey.

I hate my eyes. It just reminds me of where I've been trapped for the past 11 years of my life. Since I was 11 years old. Marcus had found me... looking as young as he did today. He'd bought me as a slave from my mother. Then he'd said I wouldnt have to be a slave... He had been true to his word. I had been something much much worse.

A prisoner. He'd tell me he 'loved' me and then turn to slap me across the cheek. He'd apologize straight after of course. I'd get the worsed abuse when I came back from town. If my dress looked off in the slightest or my hair a bit ruffled he'd acused me of cheating. He'd chain me in the basement and leave me for days. I'd scream for food and water but he wouldnt answer. Not until he'd think I'd learnt my lesson.

The nights were the worsed. I'd have to lie with him in bed some nights and be left feeling like dirt the next morning. Still feel him on me. His heavy breathing. His touch. He didnt look repulsive. He looked gorgeous in fact but... that did not make up for how he treated me.

I reached the docks and stood in the shadows of a building. Leaning up against a wall I let my head tilt up. I let my eyes scan the ships for an opening. A moment to sneak past them. When I realise one wasnt go to happen I realised I'd have to make an oppotunity myself.

I take a deep breath and flick my hand at the sail of a ship. A girl stood observing the crew sees it and yells. A boy scuttles across the deck and tries to pull it back but the wind I had summoned is too strong for just one boy. The crew to scuttle to help him. I break out in a run. I dodge into the shadows of the ship and hide behind the barrels before sneaking up the back ramp and into the cargo.

The End

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