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People are freaking out in the time of the crisis and the crisis getting worse, just like i personally have seen when people learn about a crisis. The characters are still having to get used to the slowing and even more so now that its being slowed even more. The text doesnt really clash with my views of the world and what i consider right or wrong, so far i agree with tit. Well considering the world isnt ending or slowing it really doesnt in that sense, but certain things like people hoarding and panicking are what people are doing about terrism and immigration. My views and opinions werent changed or challenged by the text. It talks about trying not to panic and thats what i say when crisis is happening is " stay calm" because staying calm saves from a lot of stress in those kinda situations. I really enjoy this book its a very interesting and at times suspenseful. I think the text is very suspenseful. If i were in this situation i would come at it in a calmer way so people dont freak out and cause more damage. I would continue to go to work like how they are in the text though.

The End

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