Age of Miracles : Ending of a Book, but the Story Continues! (not for long) / (Ch 26-34)

This excerpt is easily a rollercoaster section, as we go from one item to the next. We find that Julia's grandfather had died in a fallout shelter that he had refurbished for his family, Seth opens back up to Julia and spends a large portion of time with her before having to move to Mexico with his father, Julia confronts her father about Sylvia after watching the both of them packing a van, but eventually her father returns to her mother and stays for good.

Summary (cont.) : For a side note, astronauts on the ISS make an attempt to come back home, but sadly burn up in the atmosphere. Days continue to grow longer and the list of issues that humanity faces continue to pile on. But by the end of it all, Julia knows that there isn't much time left, but she must continue on, to keep moving forward to leave behind her message.

2. A theme that has been brought to light within this excerpt, is realization that there is an end, and that you have to keep moving forward. We primarily see this at the end of the excerpt with Julia giving a brief summary of how her life has been since her childhood, and how she realized that "it's only a matter of time before the fuel that keeps us alive runs out" and that "I try to move forward as much as possible" Julia understood that the end was coming, that her life was going to end at some point, and instead of falling into depression, she chose to make the most of her remaining time. To live her life up to the end point, leaving behind her legacy, her message.

3A. I'm not going to go so far as to say that the events that have occurred regarding the conflict have severely changed the psychological state of Julia AT the point of the excerpt, but simply reinforced a hidden idea. I don't know how much Julia was aware of mentally, and whether or not she felt prepared for the end, but within this excerpt, she states that "it' only a matter of time before the fuel that keeps us alive runs out", and I believe that she wouldn't have come to that realization at that stage of her life had the slowing never occurred. Especially since she is at a point in her life where she shouldn't even be thinking of the end, but instead looking at how to enjoy the present.

3B. I can't say with certainty if there were anymore forces added within this section, as opposed to the forces already existing in previous sections. But as for the forces present within this section, we see a return of Seth interacting with Julia, alongside of Julia's persisting desire to be with a group, or at least be with someone. Another force which see's a return is Julia's desire for her family to stay together, which we saw when her father was caught once more with Sylvia. As far as I can see, these are the only major driving forces within this section, although I can see the "slowing" itself as a driving force. However, it lacked a significant impact on Julia's decisions, so I've chosen not to include it.

The End

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