Against the world

Thoughts and emotions

Imagine being a little kid, and you saw this shiny new toy. It was very pretty, for a 5 year old. You kept on pestering your mother and father for it, but they always said, "Next time, sweetie." Or something like that. Everyday you expect that toy to be given to you, but so far it seems nobody remembers you liking that at all. After a while, even if you still want it, it doesn't stay shiny and new. And then on your birthday, someone gives you a new toy, it wasn't as magical as the toy you wanted but you played with it everyday anyway. After a while you've appreciated that toy, even if it wasn't what you wanted. Maybe it was the one thing you needed. And then one day your parents tell you "Sweetie, you're gonna get what you've always wanted!" a few days before Christmas. You expect that it's still the first shiny toy you wanted and sure enough it was. When you have it, you realize playing with it just isn't the same. You missed that other toy even if you won't admit it. After a while the grownups will tell you "Why don't you give that away?" or "She'll be happier playing with that,". Why would you give something that made you happy for so many times now? For a 6 year old, it would feel like too much pressure. For us, it would feel like the world was against us. Imagine if you secretly loved someone but you can't tell anyone because it feels like the world is against you?

The End

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