"Whatever" I shrugged and left, plugging in my earphones. I turned my iPod to my favourite song; one which soothed and calmed me. I walked slowly into the darkened street, and started to head home.

 I was in the mood for a long walk, so I decided not to use my vampire powers. It was nice. I saw a lot of things that I'd normally miss out, even with my almost perfect vision. I was smiling as I neared the entrance of the sewers that I needed to get through to get home.

 "Help me!" I heard someone scream from the dark alley opposite. I ran there within a second. It took me a 16th of a second to take in my surroundings. A man in a baloclava had his arm locked around the neck of a young girl of about thirteen. I pounced forward, and ripped the guys arms away from the girl and throwing him into a bin. I kicked a tall streetlight down at exactly the right place for it to fall on him. I grabbed the girl, lifted her up, and ran with insane speed to my house.

The End

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