Great. More of them. Just what I need.. 

After a few minutes, I'd got my jaws around one of their throats. Raven, slightly breathless, looked surprised.

"She's got Victor!" One of them yelled. 

As if a switch had been thrown, they all backed away to the window. I threw a meaningful look at Raven, growling in an icy tone that made my intent perfectly clear. 

"Get out or she'll kill him." Raven translated in a bored tone. 

I increased the pressure on my prey's throat to the point he yelled out, underlining the point. 

There were yelled protests as they backed out of the window rapidly, hands raised. Finally, only Raven was left, alongside my guest. I dropped him to the floor and phased back into human form. 

"Get out." I drew a dagger, causing both vampires to recoil slightly. "This is holy silver. I just got it cleaned. Don't make me use it." 

He was gone with nothing more than a murderous glare at Raven.

He turned to say something but I cut him off. 

"Look, don't bring any of those leeches next time you visit okay? And its usually polite to call first. Meet me in the woods, midnight, tomorrow. By the river again. Don't come back here. If I see another vampire here, I'll kill them." 

I turned my face away from him when I realised I had not included Raven in the reference to leeches.

What is he doing to me?

A silence fell as I waited for Raven to leave.

The End

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