State my intent? What a complicated question. I thought about it for a moment, as I sat down on a small ledge, looking off to the side.

 "Well?" Ivy said, eyes not blinking. I gulped, nervous for the first time in my second life,

 "Well, I like your company. I don't know why." I said, jumping from the ledge gracefully. She stopped talking for a while, until voices started to surround us.

 "Wow, Rave. Didn't know you liked these...dogs." Came the gravelly voice of my sire, Victor. He appeared gracefully, smiling --no, grimacing. He was flanked by an army of vampires, some that I knew, some that I didn't.

 "Who are you?" said Ivy, before I pushed her effortlessly behind me. I crouched down, ready for the fight that I knew was coming. Ivy recognised, and copied my stance, also preparing for battle.

 Victor jumped for Ivy, but I caught him in mid air, my had clamped around his cold, hard throat. I threw him a couple of metres away, before grabbing another one and ripping him to shreds.

The End

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