I snarled in response to Raven's presence.

"Get out!" My voice caused the windows to vibrate in their frames though I knew that no notice would be taken on a night like tonight. "Get out or I'll attack."

The threat was hollow. I was in no fit state to battle even one of the younger wolves, let alone a healthy, strong and apparently unscathed vampire. But phasing would mean I could alert the others.

Raven looked mildly concerned but instead shrugged in a fluid motion. "I suppose I am intruding slightly."

I growled again. His arrogance was starting to wear on my limited patience. "Five of our clan died today thanks to your people. Have some decency."

He shurgged again and I could not fail to notice the beauty of the creature before me. Something about him called to me, despite my feircest resistance. It was almost as though I knew him.

"My apologies, though I was not personally responsible for the attacks."

"It was your kind. That's enough for me. Just get out." I knew I was being rude but I was beyond the point of caring. He tilted his head slightly, intrigued. I could feel the spinning sensation again, but this time, I fought it, prepared for his attack.

"Try that hypnosis thing on me again and the last thing you will see will be my jaws around your throat."

"Duly noted." He replied dryly.

"I will ask you one more time. State your intent or get the hell out of my house."

The End

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