Iva left in a rush, leaving me sitting on a rock, looking down at the ground. I closed my eyes briefly, and started running. I didn't care where I was going. I just wanted to get my feet moving. I would've liked to go home, but then the remainder of my vampire friends would know I didn't contribute in the fight, so instead I ended up walking through the town at a human pace.

 I wandered idly through the town until dawn arrived, and I knew that the fight had ended. I ran back to the forest, made myself look very scruffy, and limped into the field where my friends were waiting for me. I'd been speaking to Ivy, so the wolf scent would still be lingering on me, masking my betrayal.

 "Jeez, what did those dogs do to you?" one of my best friends, Marcus, exclaimed, looking me up and down with his stormy-grey eyes. I rolled my eyes, and dusted myself of, and pretended to snap my 'dislocated' knee back into place. I'd had a lot of practise making it seem like I was doing that, but I really just moved my knee using my thumb.

 "I'm fine. I'm kinda beaten up though, and I wanna go home. See you guys!" I waved at them before I departed.

 "Bye," I heard someone say. They obviously knew I could hear them from where I had run to. I was heading home, when I noticed Ivy with two other wolves, walking in the same direction. I sent her a mental message:

 Come to me. I like talking to you...

The End

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