"I want to know who you are; what you fight us for."  His velvet voice was enticing, seemingly wrapping itself around me like a pair of seductive arms. He tilted his head again and his eyes captured my attention.I felt a tumbling sensation, as though I was falling.

 "Who. Are. You?" He emphasised every word, his voice seeming to come from a very long distance away. The whole scene had taken on a dream-like quality. Images flickered in my mind, like a broken film reel. My parents standing together smiling, the sound of laughter, faces of people in the clan, now gone. Screaming. Liam's face, horror-struck and blood-spattered as he sees our parents' corpses. Jason tackling me to the floor. Protecting me. Liam and Jason, watching me worriedly. Always protecting me. Always worried..

A pressure that I had been unaware of seemed to burst as the flood of images peaked. Howling, I phased into my wolf form again, snarling as I connected with the rest of the clan, sharing their pain. My sides were heaving as though I had run for miles, my muscles quivering. When I looked up, the vampire still had his head to one side, though a frown creased the skin between his eyebrows. It was the only flaw in his otherwise perfect face. In my wolf form, the images stopped, the tumbling sensation dulled and I felt normal. I regarded the vampire again, cautious. He looked back at me, apparently no longer using whatever power he had been exerting over me. I changed back to human form, on my guard.

"Anyone else would have regarded that as an attack." I said flatly, keeping a good distance between me and him.

He smiled a coldly gracious smile. "My apologies then. Care to answer my question though? Merely out of courtesy?"

I lifted my chin, standing proudly. "My name is Iva. I fight your kind because your kind destroyed my family. I fight to protect what I have left." I narrowed my eyes. "Why are you asking this? Who are you?"

The End

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