When she changed, it was hard for me to keep my alluring, taunting face on. She was beautiful, even for a wolf. She'd be more beautiful than some vampires, and that was hard to do. She had reddy-brown hair, with a fringe swept across one of her vibrant green eyes. Her beauty was impeccable, but I had to keep on a poker face. She was the enemy.

 "What do you want?" she said, almost barked at me. I gulped, trying to make it silent.

 "I want to know who you are; what you fight us for." I said, before cocking my head to the side and throwing my powers out of my small pupils. I could feel the hypnosis flying toward her, and I could feel my pupils constantly changing size while the hypnosis was still going. Her face drained of expression, and that's when I knew that the trance had worked.

 "Who. Are. You?" I said. She breathed in, about to speak...

The End

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