Despite their best attempts, Jason and Liam found themselves waiting either side of me the following night. The air had turned icy and our breath billowed out in puffs of white as we hid in the shadows. As the moon rose, the small moons reflected in our eyes fell to ground level. The muscles of hundreds of wolves quivered minutely as we scented the air. They were coming. 

After what seemed like an age, a handful of pale faces glimmered as they appeared over the crest of the hill, fangs flashing. Moments later, howls errupte from the front line. The smell of the blood of our clan drew snarls as Liam, Jason and I errupted from our hiding place, flanked by twenty of our fellow clanmates. One of the vampires caught my eye. His blue eyes met mine and he tilted his head slightly, as though puzzled. I stopped, the battle around us fading.

What are you doing?! Liam's voice screamed in my head, using the mental telepathy that we could use only as wolves.

I shook my head rapidly, snarling. I had heard some vampires hypnotized wolves, leaving them vulnerable. The vampire in front of me suddenly turned and ran. I gave chase, not realising that there was no one following me until we found ourselves in a stand of trees. Alone. We came to a fast-flowing river and the vampire stopped as though trapped. He whipped round to face me. Snarling, I closed in.

Again though, the vampire merely tilted his head. Suddenly, he spoke.

"I bet you're beautiful in human form." His voice sent pleasurable shivers through me. I stopped abruptly, stunned into silence, freezing still.

"You're a girl aren't you?" He continued "I can tell by the elegant way you move. Why don't you change to human? I promise I just want to talk."

His voice was soft, gentle, as though he was being genuine. I hesitated for a while, then grudingly did as he asked.Instantly I was hit with a burning sensation in every muscle. I gritted my teeth against the pain as he regarded me with gentle eyes. A slight smile lifted the corner of his lips. I kept a good distance between us, knowing that if he attacked, I would only have a split moment to defend myself.

"What do you want?" I said warily, tense for any sudden movements.

The End

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