Raven: WishingMature

My feet slammed on the ground of the sewers, splashing in the liquid on the floor. I made a move, tearing off so quickly that there was no chance for my new Supra trainers to get wet.

 I bolted through the tunnels so fast that it was virtually impossible to see me. My leather jacket was flapping behind me, my skinny jeans moving so fast that they were just flashes of black.

 I wore a plain white, slim-fit top under my leather jacket, which accentuated my athletic build. My pale skin was almost as white as the top. I had very blue eyes that were very eye catching, and they were framed by two sets of long lashes. My blond hair was straight, and it hung to my eyebrows, slightly flicked to the right.

 Got to my home in record timing. I'd hidden my home well, and it was somewhere that had been forgotten, and it was no longer mapped in the sewer maps. It was cut off from the rest of the sewers by a metal, circular, prison like door. I had it decorated well, and it looked very rustic and homey, with a theme of red and white.

I heard a noise from the corner. Like a metallic screaming, but very faint. human ears couldn't hear it.

-War Two is on. Versus lycans and wolves. Tomorrow, whilst the full moon's magic is still in effect.- It was a message, informing me on the next vampire/werewolf fight.


The End

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