Against All OddsMature

Vampires and werewolves are at war. They are sworn enemies, bound to destroy each other wherever they cross paths. Iva and Raven, two born enemies, must fight if they are to ever have a chance of survival.


I streched slowly, feeling my aching muscles complain. It had been a rough night last night. The full moon had forced changes on pretty much the whole clan, whom had in turn, fought to retain their human form. It was fighting the change that caused the pain. And there was nothing we could do about it. Once the full moon was up, we were at her mercy, driven to savage wolves, thirsting for blood. Traditionally, this had been human blood-and we did pick off the weak and rotten of their society. But, centuries ago, we went to war with the vampires. Now we swing both ways.

Sighing, I dragged myself out of bed, changing to comfortable clothes and pulling my dark red-brown hair  into a ponytail at the back of my head. My fringe swung down across my left eye, leaving one, brilliant green eye to regard the world with. They would see a slender girl of around 18, tall, moving silently and precisely. It was part of being a werewolf that we were inhumanly strong and fast. It was due to training we all could move swiftly and silently without thinking. I glanced down at my left wrist, where a small black wolf was tatooed. While I loved who I was, the wars had left their mark on everyone. We were wary, watchful folk and anyone who looked too closely noted a haunted, wild look in our eyes. We had all fought and we had all suffered at the hands and fangs of our enemies. Anyone who came near us that was paler than normal and the whole clan errupted. One vampire could tear through us like lightening and it was only through sheer numbers that we were holding them back.

I went downstairs, where my brother, Liam and friend, Jason, were sat, talking in low tones.

"You look tired, Iva." Liam said worriedly, getting up to give me a hug. "You need to stop taking on so many patrols." At two years older than me, Liam was feircely protective and after our father was killed, took on both roles. Jason nodded in agreement with Liam.

"Iva, look at you. You're exhausted and I know you're injured from the other night-"

Liam cut him off with a curse. "What did the leeches do this time!?" He growled.

I put both hands on his broad shoulders, looking into his feral eyes that were the exact same green as mine. After a few heartbeats the tension left his shoulders. He sighed.

"I'm okay, Liam.  One of them just got past my guard and got a hit on my ribs. One cracked, thats it."

A lethal fury flickered darkly in his eyes but he nodded. "Okay." His voice was muffled as he pulled me into a strong but gentle hug.

"Gerrof!" I muttered, pushing him away playfully and breaking the somber mood. They both laughed, handing me platefuls of food as I sat down.

"There's going to be another attack tonight." I said, as conversation turned to the usual topic; the war.

The End

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