Chimerakiller2:Saying goodbyeMature

"Oh god Dave your bleeding!" Jesse said looking at my arm.

"Shit! I'm Bit!" I said looking down at my arm my own blood has soaked the sleeve of my jean jacket. This was the end, there was no going back.

"Fuck! Shit!Dammit! Bastard! I don't wanna die! Fuck!" I shouted a mixture of anger and sadness boiling over as hot tears welled in my eyes. I had done so much, gotten so far and for nothing. I could feel all the hope I had carried in my chest leave me. The hope of a day where I wouldn't have to kill another zombie or another craved survivor the hope of a world without it all being like it was, but now I was doomed to join the ranks of the dead. 

"No no no. This is a joke, right Dave? Your kidding right?" Katy said her voice already breaking up as tears had already flowing down her eyes.  I looked at my arm again wishing she was right.

"No. No Joke. I'm done." I said dropping my baseball bat which had the name Carlos carved into it. Up to this point it had been my bestfriend and protector. A tear had escaped whatever resistance I was trying to show to the situation. I didn't want this to be it, " Katy I'm sorry I can't see the end of this nightmare with you or protect, or the kids. Im sorry Katy. I love you. I I I. I don't want to say goodbye. Fuck."  I handed her the pistol which I had kept in my back pocket and gave her a hug her tears wetting my clothing as I held her close. 

"Fuck." Jesse said kicking one of the fallen zombies bodies," Dammit Dave, fuck! Why?"

"What Imma supposed to do with everyone back at the camp, what Imma gonna say to our kids?" Katy cried.

" I'll say goodbye to them. I have time left." I said letting go of Katy.

"Dave, I can't let you go back to the camp like this." Jesse said as calm as he could but his body betrayed him as the rifle shook in his hands.

"I know I will wait outside while you get my kids, I want to say goodbye. It's all I can do now. " I said trying to agree with what was happening. It just wasn't fair and I hated saying that but I had done so much till now saving others, leaving no man behind if possible. All this work and now Im done, and I didn't even feel it. I felt good, I felt like I could climb a mountain. Kill a legion of zombies, but in a few hours it won't be the same. I won't be the same, I'll be one of them. 

"What will we do after?" Katy stammered. Holding my hand. Her blue eyes staring into my own.

"We do what has to be done. I won't let myself become one of them. Come on lets go. Jesse, thanks for everything man. You've saved me hide far too many times to count, and vice versa, but this is it."  I said holding onto Katy's hand if it was all the tied me to this world while taking shaky steps up the road. 

"Well I will just have to be twice the man I was." Jesse tried to joke," Dave I will kill twice the amount of zombies in your absense. I promise, I will protect Katy, your kids, and everyone else, and If I get bit, before I go I will make sure the last thing I do is make sure everyone gets out alive. Just so I could look you in the eye when we meet again." Jesse said firmly slowly regaining his strong never thrown out of shape attitude.  Join Katy and myself.

"You don't have to worry about looking me in the man. I know what you'll do is the best you could do." I said trying to regain my own composure but failing to as I struggled with the idea of this being it.

We had made it to the camp and I was sitting beside Katy looking up at the sun's light which was filtering down through the pine trees. The light and everything being as crisp as it ever was. Each breath of air was pure euphoria I wish this moment would last forever. I hated saying goodbye and I hated it more knowing that these next few minutes were my last. The tears had stopped coming, and so did Katy's.  There wasn't much left to say that hadn't already. I wish I hadn't of failed her, myself, the kids or everyone else.  I could hear jesse and the kids voices as the talked excitedly about Jesse's excursions today. He had obviously hadn't broken it to them that there were about say goodbye to their dad.

"Hey kids." I smiled," You all alright?"

"Yup!" They both said running up to offer hugs to Katy and I," Are you guys alright?" one asked.

"Yes and No. Sean, Kelsie. I er. I got bit, and there is no good way of saying this but I have to say goodbye to you guys. I don't want to." I started.

"No daddy you can't go! It's not fair!" Kelsie screamed.

"Kelsie what's done and can't be undone," She started to wail. 

"Kelsie." Katy said trying to calm her. 

"Kelsie listen, I need you to listen. You have to listen. Kelsie!" I shouted as calmly as I could, and she eventually stopped," Kelsie, Doug, Mom is gonna keep you safe, and so is Jesse. I taught you two how to shoot, and always remember what I told you about how to use guns. Always make yourself useful but always make sure your safe while doing so. Don't trust strangers until you really get to know them. Remember I always love you and did everything I could do to keep you two safe. I hope one day you guys will see a world without zombies and have family's of you own. Doug, Kelsie, Katy, I love you all, and I wish I could see you all through to end without this stupid goodbye.  This is my last goodbye to guys. I love you and I already miss you." 

"Daddy! don't go!" They both wailed while katy grabbed them as I started to sit up.

"Bye David. I know you did your best. I will keep them safe. I promise." Katy said. As Jesse lead me away from them. 

"Bye." I said again before walking down the road with Jesse. We had walked a distance away from everyone before Jesse stopped.

"I'm sorry you have to do this. Jesse."

"Im sorry I have to do this to Dave. Im not good with goodbyes." Jesse said.

"Neither am I, but who is. Jesse take care of everyone."

" I will."

" Thats all I need to know."

"Bye man."


The End

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