The Things They All ForgotMature

Life has turned from being miserable to surreal. In the past few days that I've been home from the hospital, everything around me has been all but a dream. My stapfather is gone for good and my mother has been the mother that I've always prayed for.
She's helped me with everything, changing the dressings on my woundsm cooking tasty dinners and even staying up late with me and just talking to me.
I admit that it feels great to feel so...connected with my mother. But I was still quite wary over her intentions or how she got this way.

Any minute I expect her to turn around and start laughing at me, telling me how pathetic I am and that she's never loved me and never will, I stay awake at night, waiting for my stepfather to show up and take control of the house again.
I felt horrible that I thought those things, but who could blame me? After a life time of verbal abuse from my mother, accepting the new her will take time. Maybe I'll never grow accustomed to it.

I jumped when footsteps sounded from outside my room, I slowly sat up and waitied for my mother to enter. But it wasn't my mother...
"Melissa..." I said quietly. I sat there, stunned at the sight of her. Melissa looked like she had been dragged from hell and back.

Her eyes were bloodshot, with dark circles under her eyes and her arms and shoulders covered in scratches. But what shocked me the most was the vicious scar that decorated her cheek. It looked exactly like mine, only it was deeper and smaller.
Her chapped lips quirked into a tiny ghost of a smile as she walked in faster, then jogged over to my bed.

"Thank god you're alright!" She said when she stopped beside me and dropped to her knees. I stared down at her.
"Of course I'm alright. How're you?" I asked her softly. She grinned at me.
"I'm great. Proms in a few days, I have my dress, shoes and I've even got a date." She told me excitedly.
"Has Wolf, I mean Mr Darke been in class?" I asked. She scowled at me.
"Who's Mr Darke?" I gaped at her andwaited for her to crack a smile and say she was joking... But she didn't.

"The new History teacher..." I trailed off. What has happened?  Why does noone remember everything that had happened?
"Akira, are you okay?" Melissa asked me worrdily. I nodded and turned to her.
"Tell me all about your dress." I said with a faux bright smile. She grinned at me and started to go into detail about her prom dress and her date.

                                                                                  *    *    *

I heard my mothers bedroom door clse with a muted click. I threw the covers off and slowly got out of bed and got dressed.
I wanted to go see Wolf, so I waited until my mother had gone to bed so I could sneak out and ask him why he hasn't come to see me and why noone seems to know who he is and what happened to Melissa and I.
I finished tying my shoes and tip toed down the stairs and to the front door.
I carefully opened it and stepped outside into the frigid air. I pulled my collar up and gently wrapped the scarf around my neck and set off for Wolf's apartment.

I raised my hand to knock on the door when I noticed that it was slightly open. I gently pushed it open and stepped inside and stopped.
It was empty. No furniture, no nothing. Panicing, I ran into the bedroom and saw that it was empty too, as was the bathroom and every closet space. All of his stuff was gone, every tangible trace of Wolf was gone.
I put my hands over my mouth and sunk to the floor and cried.
Where was he? Did Alec manage to kill him?

I was stricken at the thought. No one could hurt Wolf. He was powerful, invincible. at least that's how I saw him. A lone soldier against a world of enemies and creatures that go bump in the night.
He can't just vanish... He's got to be somewhere.
I curled myself into a ball and closed my eyes and remembered all of my precious memories with Wolf.
I brought my hand up to my neck to touch the  necklace he had given me, but that too was gone. All that was left of Wolf was the memories I had of him and the heartbroken beats of my heart that made me cry endless tears.

The End

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