A Visit From MumMature

I lay in the hospital bed; blankly staring at the ceiling above me. I didn't know what to think or feel anymore. I stopped counting the hours or was it days? I didn't care. I wanted to just run away, run into Wolf's arms and stay there until all of my troubles wash away and I feel like I can be normal again.

I sighed and placed my right hand over my stitches and clenched my teeth together. I hated Zane for what he's done to me, to Melissa and to Wolf. I wanted to hope for bad things to happen to him, but I couldn't. No matter how may times I tried to picture him in a pit of hellfire, I just couldn't fathom something so drastic happening to him.

I jumped when an abrupt knock sounded at the door. I quickly pulled the blankets over my wounds and looked over and gasped.
"Oh Akira..." My mother said with tears in her eyes. My hands started to shake as tears flooded my eyes.
"Mum... what are you doing here?" I asked her quietly. She pasued halfway to my bed and looked down at her feet. I watched in confusion as her shoulders shook slightly and sounds of soft sobs came from her.
I painfully sat up in my bed and watched her.

"Mum, why are you crying?" I whispered. She stopped and raised her face. My eyes widened when I saw that her makeup had run down her face and her nose was red and puffy as was her eyes.
"I'm so sorry Akira... so sorry." She sobbed. I blinked at her, not knowing what she was talking about or what had brought this upon her.
"Sorry for what mum?" I asked her softly. She grimaced and raked her hands through her already mussed hair.

"For everything Akira... For not being the mum I should've been. For breaking your arm..." She looked at my recasted arm and winced.
I didn't know what to say. A part of me wondered if this was all a dream or a nightmare... I didn't know who this woman in front of me was. But I wanted to hope that I wasn't sleeping, that my mother really was standing here, apologizing for all that she's done. 

I took a deep breath and waved her over to me. Slowly, she shuffled forward until She stood at the foot of my bed and watched me with slightly pleading eyes. She wiped her eyes and walked around my bed until she stood just to the left of me.
She gently grasped my left hand and smiled a tremulous smile. I smiled back at her warily.
Her eyes moved to my collarbone as the sheet dipped slightly. Her mouth opened slightly as her gaze took on a horrified look.
"Who did this?" She asked me. I frowned at her.
"Mum, you already know what did this." I said slowly. She shook her head and scowled.

"Akira, if I knew who did that, I wouldn't ask." She said. I looked away from her.
How could she not know who did this?
"Mum, what did Alec want with you?" I asked her. Her frown deepened.
"Who's Alec?" She asked me. I bit my lip and looked away again.
What was going on? How could she not remember the man/demon that had kept her in the schools basement surrounded by thousands of those shadow demons that Wolf had told me about?

My mother shook her head and flicked a look at her watch.
"Lets get you home then shall we?" She said with a smile. I was confused at the abrupt change in her mood. But I didn't question it, I wanted to go home.
"Lets go home." I said with a grin. She leant down and placed a small kiss to my forehead and headed off to sign my discharge papers.
Was I making a mistake going home with my mother? Had she really changed?
Well... Only one way to find out.

The End

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