The sounds of irritable beeping and dripping water woke me up.
I frowned and I went when to lift my arm to scratch my face pain shot through my torso; I winced and held my breath; waiting for the pain to wear off.

I wriggled my toes, testing to see if it would hurt. When no pain came I moved my legs around the foot of the bed that I lay on.
A single bed? I asked myself in confusion. Wolf doesn’t have a single bed…

I gasped and forced my eyes open. Images of fire, sharp knives, a tied and restrained Melissa and a merciless Zane cutting into my skin with the weird looking knife, flittered through my head. Then I remembered the faint sounds of Wolf’s, Alec’s and Melissa’s voice, then silence.

I looked around the blindingly white room and fought to keep my eyes open. On the left of me was a roll up table that was covered with flowers and teddy bears.

I scowled and looked to the right and saw my arm was hooked up to an I.V, with a heart monitor. I went to reach over to pull them off me when the pain shot through me again. I cried out and squeezed my eyes shut.

I heard footsteps come rushing into the room as I took deep breaths, trying to breathe through the stinging pain.
“Miss Akira you shouldn’t move too much.” A nurse scolded me as she started to check over my injuries. I clenched my teeth together and looked at her.

“Where is Wolf?” I croaked. She paused and looked at me strangely. A bad feeling started to bloom on the inside of my stomach.
“I’m sorry, who?” She asked with a small frown.

“Wolf, Wolf Darke, where is he?” I asked her. Panic started to grip at me. Where was he? I asked myself.
“How did I get in here?” I asked her. She straightened and looked down at me.

“You were cut up pretty badly from some maniac that kidnapped you.” She said to me seriously.
I shook my head. “No, I meant how did I get here? Who brought me here?” I asked her. Her frown deepened.
“I don’t know… Would you like me to find out?” She asked me. I bit my lip. What if Wolf didn’t want everyone to know that he was the one that brought me in? Or was he even the one that brought me in here?

“No, it’s fine.” I said quietly. She nodded and went back to examining my injuries. She paused again and looked at me.
“I’m going to have to change the dressings for the knife wounds around your collarbone.” She said to me softly with a reassuring pat on my hand.

I took another deep breath and nodded. She pulled more gauze out of the cupboards next to the hospital bed. She stopped next to me again and slowly started to peel back the gauze. I winced as the gauze stuck to the raw wound. She gently tugged it away, ripping off skin and dried blood.

I cried out and dug my nails into the bed. She shot me an apologetic glance and
peeled the rest of the gauze away.
I looked down at the wound. My eyes widened in shock at the sight of it.
“Are those stitches?” I squeaked. She threw the dressings in the sanitary bin and turned back to me.

“Yes, the wounds were starting to get infected, so they cleaned the wounds and stitched you up.” She said to me. I looked back down at the wound and fought back tears.
The knife wound was about an inch and a half wide. It was a raw pink colour with a bit of blood seeping through and dried up pus and blood. I knew that the wound were going to leave scars, the reminder of what Zane had done to me was going to stay with me for the rest of my life. I felt tears dribbling down my face. What if Wolf didn’t like the sight of my scars? Would he be disgusted that I looked so…tainted?

Then another thought swam through me…
“Prom…” I whispered. My dress wouldn’t hide the wounds around my collarbone.
The nurse looked down at me with sympathy in her eyes.
“I have to change the one at the back of your neck.” She told me quietly.
She helped me sit forward, stopping now and then so I can get used to the pain that stabbed at me.
“I’m scarred for life…” I whispered miserably.

The End

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