The Light.... Really?Mature

Darkness consumes me. Never ending then a speck of a light. Like a far of star shining brightly in the nights sky dispite its distance from the earth. I know its not a start though. It's the light.

The Light.

So many people speak about it, humans I mean, but its hard to actually believe it. As a demon I've always laughed at the existance of the gate way to the Almighty Lord's kingom being a light. I mean you'd think He might have a little more class or maybe he keeps it because its what everyone expects.

All I can think though is.... Really? I mean I still have that demon part of me that is laughing at the existance of the damn thing. Then reality sets it.... I'm seeing the light. The Light. Not the dark gates of hell with its fiery whips of roaring red flames. I'm seeing the white stary light that is the gateway to His land. I cant help but hesitate because looking upon it I feel so unworthy yet another part feels so warmly welcomed by it.

I search for the wound on my chest and find it gone. I poke my tongue against my teeth to find out if my teeth have sharpened, like they usually do in the presense of anything demonic or angelic, but they haven't. I swallow hard now feeling quite nervous.

No, not nervous but vunerable. I've never felt so without power. So young and insignificant. The Light flashes brightly almost angry that I'm slacking so I stumble quickly before it.

When the light from the gateway touches my skin I feel warm. Like I'm back in my apartment of earth with Akira in my arms. No fear in the world. Oh gosh, Akira. I hesitate looking back over my shoulder my heart aching to leave this light but I know if I do I wont be able to go back. My body on earth will now be ash. All I have is this etherial form.

So looking at the ground I step straight through The Light, through the gateway, finding myself blinded only for a moment before it opens up to a room. It's quite a fancy room with the ceiling above supported by pillars that seem to have a bit of a greek theme. While the architecture on the walls seems to change from roman to native hyrogliphics and various other civilisations. The one thing that stands out though is almost everything is white or a silvery white. Nothing dark.

Nothing moody or even with a hint of edge. Just this constant sense of purity. Even the rug, that seems to lead my path through this long hall like room. Then I begin to see flickers of movement but when I turn and look its gone.

I know its there though cause it happens again and again. Then soon their are whispers. Angry whispers but I keep moving with my head down.

"Look up, Wolf" a voice says softly. I do so, quite quickly, and I am met with the sight of a being undescribable. I fall to my knees and bow my head.

"Almighty Lord" I whisper. I dont care I'm betraying my actual Lord because to be actually allowed in the presense of this...this... of Him is just unthought of. Its unthought of for a demon to be brought before He who was the first to exist.

"Now now, Wolf" He continues. "You have no need to feel shocked. Not when you paid a price no demon has ever been willing to pay to save the life of any human. Of anyone at all"

My throat tightens. "Her life was worth a thousand of mine" I barely get out.

"Ah, Love.... I wish I had a hand in the creation of that one" the Lord chuckles. "But you see, Wolfaine Darke. You gave your immortal life for that of a mortal without thought of what would happen to you. Do you know what that means?"

"I dont deserve it" I croak looking up.

"Dont you see. You thinking that is the exact reason you do deserve it" the Lord continues rising from his seat and moving down to tower over me. His form continuealy flickers but the only thing that doesnt change is the continuing glow of pure white aura that radiates around Him. "A Halo, Wolfaine Darke"

"But even my name shows I am no way near worthy" I protest. "I was born to Darkness"

"Then you shall claim a new one" the Lord says holding out his hands, paws, claws. I can barely keep up with the constant change. In his hands though is a Halo. "Along with a true angel name"

"It wont allow me to be with her though" I say gazing up at him.

"Anything is possible with time" He says. "You, Lorien Wolfaine, should know that"

"Lorien Wolfaine.... T-that is to be my name?"

"Lorien meaning God of Dreams as I hope you will keep on dreaming" the Lord says holding out the Halo even closer to me. Swallowing down the fear of claiming a true angel name... heck, more of just becoming an angel. I reach out and grasp the halo.....

The End

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