The knifeMature

Leaves blurred around me as I ran. Every so often I wouldnt dodge a branch and it would whip my face cutting the skin. The wound would heal quickly but it slowed me down. My feet had begun to ache from all the racing around.

I couldnt seem to find them. Even the demonic fire was cloaked which scared me cause if I couldnt find Akira she was gonna die and so would her mother. I wince at the memory of her mother hung up beneath the grounds of the school. Among all the pipes like she was like an unwanted piece of junk. No matter how horrible she was she wasnt unwanted. Akira loved her despite of all the torment.

An ache began to form in my chest as I gasped for a proper breath. I came to a stop and leant against a tree clutching my side. I had been searching this place for hours. Not one sign. Oh gosh, I just needed one to show me that Akira was okay.

Then the scream. The ear piercing scream that cut me to the heart. It made feel so cold that as I tried to get up I stumbled. I clutch my chest and get up taking a slow breath. I'd be no use to Akira if I was in the state I am right now because I would barely get past the human boy. Slowly I calm and once I'm completely calm I get properly to my feet. Then I run.

The scent of the fire hints me first and entering to the small opening I see Akira almost immediatly. I hear Denise growl but I'm not watching her. Then I see Akira say my name a moment before her eyes close. The sight of the chains holding her body up to the tree anger me.

I punch Zane before bringing my knee up hard into his gut. I'm about to move to Akira but Denise is their first a knife in her hand. I almost growl but I find myself scared and not angry. "Move and she dies" Denise says with a slow smile then she laughs. A harsh cackle that repulses me. "Well, thats going to happen anyway"

"Over my dead body" I snap. Alec, who had been recently torturing Melissa, dropped the girls body to the ground walking over slowly.

"That could be arranged" Alec sneers. "Our Lord isnt happy with you at all, Wolf. Not happy indeed"

"I couldnt give a shit" I snap. "Let her go"

Denise gasps and Alec flashes his sharp death. "You abandon your Lord for a mortal? A human. A.. A girl?!?" Alec growls angrily. I look over at Akira and Zane whose moved over to lift up Melissa and strap her back to the tree. There are several cuts on her that will leave scars all over her body.

I see one on Akira that will leave a scar from her collar bone to her ear at least. Anger strikes through me. My hand suddenly connects with Denise's face and she falls back. Then my finger curl round the chains as my other arm slips round Akira's waist. She flops into my arms and lying her down I look back at Alec. "I'd die for her" I say seriously. Alec's face turns disgusted and he clenches the knife he holds so tight his knuckles turn white.

"Then you will die" he hisses and comes at me. I'm barely to my feet in time to dodge the knife. He slashes again and it cuts my shirt but barely scratches my skin.

Then I see her. Denise moving over to Akira a bloody knife in hand. "No!" I scream. Then I'm running.

Running for Akira. I twist the knife out of Denise's grasp and bring it up into her gut. She gasps staring at me with wide eyes. I stare back and push. She falls into the fire with a ear piercing scream trying to tug the knife out of her chest. The screams barely touch me. I turn to check on Akira which is when Alec comes into view moving towards her.

Gritting my teeth I grab the knife from Denise's chest ignoring the burns I should not get and racing towards Alec. I step in front of Akira and the knife he held slips into my skin but so does the one I'm holding slip into his.

"I will survive" Alec spits smiling cruely. "You'll burn forever"

Blood begins to fill my throat and as I try to reply blood just splutters from my lips. Alec smiles cruelly and lets go of the dagger. His eyes close and his body falls to the ground turning too ash.

I drop to my knee then the other grasping the hilt of the sword buried in my chest. I look over to where Akira lies looking almost peaceful. Darkness begins to blur my vision.

Please.... Someone..... Save....... Her.........

The End

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