Screams of TortureMature

I could hear sounds penetrating through the hazy fog that I floated within; I heard mumble voices and a female’s muffled scream.
“Akira, wakey wakey…” A female’s voice said in my ear. I grumbled beneath my breath and turned away. I gasped and straightened when a hand abruptly slapped my left cheek.

“Come now Akira, we know that you’re awake.” I recognized that voice…
“Denise.” I croaked.
“Very good Akira, now can you guess how many fingers I’m holding up?” She taunted. My breathing quickened as sweat covered me in a fine sheen.

“Wolf.” I whispered. She laughed again and tucked my hair behind my ears. I fought the urge to cringe away from her.
“Wolf isn’t here, but Melissa is.” She said in an irritatingly cheerful voice.
My eyes fluttered open to reveal a slightly dark opening, surrounded by trees and various bushes, there was a pit of fire in the middle of the clearing and opposite the fire was Melissa chained to a tree with a smug looking Alec standing her.

“Melissa!” I tried to cry out but my voice was too hoarse and weak for her to hear me. Denise stood up and sauntered over to Melissa and Alec and faced me with a smile of pure glee on her face. I shivered in fear and watched hopelessly as Denise scraped her nail down the side of Melissa’s face. I watched as the thin trickle of blood slithered down her face to form a small drop at the edge of her jaw. Denise caught the small drop and brought it to her lips. Alec made a strange sound and caught her wrist and shook his head at her.

She pouted at him. Small crystal-like water emerged on her fingertip and washed
over the blood.
Alec leaned over and whispered something to her. She nodded and a mask of concentration formed over her features. She snapped her fingers.

There was a rustling nose from coming from left. Zane stepped up beside me and stared down at me in disdain. I watched him with wide eyes as he pulled out a jagged looking knife and knelt down beside me.

I whimpered and struggled against the chains that held me to the tree but it was feeble. I sagged in defeat.
“Please Zane, don’t do this.” I pleaded. He smiled and grabbed my broken arm.
He placed the tip of the knife to the cast and started to saw through it. Feeling small pinpricks of pain, I started to panic.

“Please stop.” I whimpered. He paused and looked at me.
“No.” He said and continued to saw through my cast. When he made a big enough hole through it, he placed the knife down and dug his fingers into the cast and started to rip it apart. The small pinpricks of pain changed into a steady throb.

Throwing the cast aside he wrapped his hands around my arms and applied a small amount of pressure. I cried out in pain as tears flooded my vision. The throb
reverberated through my arm and echoed through the rest of my body.

“Stop! Please stop!” I shouted at him. He smiled at me and tightened his hold my arm. I screamed.
Black spots started to dot my vision. My head felt heavy on my shoulders as the pain washed through me like a tsunami.

Denise strode over and grasped the necklace around my neck. She tugged on it, making the chain cut into my skin. She sighed.
I felt the necklace loosen; she pulled it again and held it up in front of me.

“Such a petty thing for a gift.” She murmured. I gritted my teeth together and glared at her through the mind numbing pain.
“Give it back.” I snapped at her. She laughed and caressed the small silver heart.
“How precious is this to you, I wonder…” she said softly.

“Give it back.” I repeated. She smiled at me and stood up. She walked over to fire pit and looked back at me.
“Quirks of being from Hell. Can have fire conjured with just a snap of your fingers.” She said. My heart did a flip flop in my chest.
“Hell fire…” I whispered. She nodded and grinned at me.

“This will be nothing but a puddle in mere seconds.” I felt a rush of anger and despair well inside of me.
“No.” I whispered. She chuckled and crouched in front of the fire.

“Oh, yes.” She said as she dropped the necklace into the pit. I closed my eyes to keep my tears from escaping.
What if Wolf didn’t come and she just destroyed the only thing that I had of his.

I heard a small noise from where Melissa sat. I opened my eyes and looked over at her and saw Alec had unchained her and was holding her by the hair. Her wide eyes locked with mine as her tears slithered down her face.

“I’m sorry.” I mouthed to her. She winced at looked at Zane, whom had eased the pressure on my arm and was watching me with such open hatred that I wanted to weep.
I looked back at Melissa and saw Alec pull the same looking knife as Zane’s from his pocket and held it to Melissa’s wrist.
“What’re you doing? Leave her alone!” I screamed at him. He paused and looked at me.
“Zane shut her up.” He said in a bored voice and started to cut into to Melissa’s wrist.
Zane picked the knife up again and smiled cruelly. I swallowed and focused on the knife.  It was about 30cm long, from hilt to tip; the blade was a mutated silver colour with sharp jagged edges that reminded me of broken ice.

He leant forward and trailed the knife down the column of my throat. The knives path seared my skin and made me feel like fire was lapping at my flesh. I tried to shy away from the blade but he pressed down and cut from the top of my chest to a point behind my ear, then circled around the back of my neck and down the other side of my throat.

As he cut loud screeches escaped from me. The blade burnt my flesh, it felt like molten lava was pouring into my skin and melting my veins.
I wailed as the pain increased, making me want to jump into an ice filled pool. I wanted it all to end, I wanted the pain to go away and disappear into the night, never to be seen again.

I could hear Melissa screaming as my screams died down from my voice going raw.
My breathing was ragged and quick as the pain continued to thrum through me
like a plucked guitar string.
I was on the brink of unconsciousness when Denise made small growling sound and faced the edge of the clearing.
I followed her gaze and saw what had caught her attention.
“Wolf…” I whispered before the darkness engulfed me.

The End

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