My feet pounded against the ground as I ran. I saw a few people look my way. Some parents that I had met in school occassionally seemed concerned. Then there were a few teachers with their day off.

"Are you okay?" the sound of Miss Perry's voice makes me stop. I see her a little up the path having recently ran straight past her. I stride back to her my breathing coming out quick and short. My mind is a blur of images. Akira's soft gentle face morph into one of pain that screams my name as those... those... filth torture her.

"Have you seen, Akira?" I ask sharply. Miss Perry frowns and clutches the handle of her straw bag.

"Um, no. Why is something wrong?" Miss Perry asks.

"She didnt turn up at school" I lie and Miss Perry puts her hand to her mouth gasping.

"Oh gosh, shouldnt you call the police?" she says her eyes wide. I look down at her. Yeah, like the police could handle two demons and their lackey.  I let out a heavy breath and push a hand back through my hair.

"No, its okay. She's not missing just skiving but I said to the headmaster I'd take charge of her since of some things happening with her" I lie and Miss Perry nods.

"Do you want me to help?" she asks laying a hand on my arm. Then a finger trails a little and I sense what she's trying to do. I step back and shake my head but give a friendly smile which also says 'back off'. Akira's face flashes again in my mind. An expression of hurt, like she's watching me, flashes across her face.

"I'll be fine" I say politely but cold. "Thank you"

With those words I turn on my heels and race off. I seem to block the rest of the world out as I run. All I can see is my path to Akira. All I want to see is Akira. No! I snap harshly at myself. Coming to a stop I realise I shouted it allowed and see people look at me worried. Ignoring them I walk on feeling my feet heavy and sore as I walk.

I feel like my efforts are in vein. Knowing Alec he would of hidden her well. I curse and slump down on a bench dropping my face in my hands. Then I feel it a tug. I look up but I'm not seeing a street. I'm seeing Akira. Her legs and arms are bound but she's alive. Her chest rises almost calmly and I realise she's asleep. I try to reach out but I'm only an observor.

I should know what this is and it makes me feel a little sick. Ashamed. Demons shy away from this. From feelings that could bring about this... psychic link. A lump forms in my throat and I just watch Akira. Watch the love of my life lay on... on a earthen floor. God, how could that help? There is tons of wood and forest around this dingy little town.

Then I see the fire. The way Akira's body curls closer it but her sleepy form isnt close enough for her to accidentally roll into it and set herself alight. A shadow flutters at the edge of my vision then a puff of smoke. I clench my jaw as Zane watches Akira's sleeping form with a cold gaze. I see the signs of a damned soul all over him. The pale skin, ragged hair and sucken eyes.

The actual sight of him makes me cringe because I use to do that to people. I could of done that to Akira had she met me at the peak of my demonic life. Even my feelings for her wouldnt of stop me from sinking her down to my level. That had been a dark time for me.

Suddenly, Zane looks up and the image begins to blur. No! I think hard trying to grasp it with my mind but it slips through my fingers like water. Then I'm back on the street stirring from my slumber.

Great, please say that wasnt a dream. I know it wasnt though. Feeling the crick in my neck the memory is way to clear. Almost as clear as the soreness in my body from falling asleep on a bench at the edge of a park..

No, not just a park. THE park. I get up and turn towards it. The one where Akira and I shared our first kiss. The one where I angered Zane to the point he tried to take me on.

She must be there. She must.

The End

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