This Can't Be Good.Mature

I sat on the park bench and looked up at the clouds. The white puffy clouds floated by slowly, a couple looked like turtles and one I swore looked exactly like a snarling dog. I shrugged and lay back against the bench.

I wondered what Wolf was doing, was he teaching history? Sitting in his office marking work? Saving my mum? I shook that last thought away. He couldn’t as he said he didn’t have the power to break the hold they had on my mum. I sighed and put my cast covered arm over my eyes.

Why my mum? Out of all the bad mothers out there, why my horrible excuse for a mother? Why this high school and why this place? So many questions and unreachable answers.

Sighing again I sat up and looked around the near empty park. I’ve been here for almost two hours, just contemplating and cloud watching.

I tugged at my school uniform and grimaced. I got up and started to make my way to Wolf’s place to change out of my uniform.

As I walked along the footpath a store caught my eye. I strode up to it and peered in the window; there on what could be described as a pedestal sat the perfect shoes that will go with my dress. I went to turn around to go inside when I saw a figure standing behind me. I turned around and saw Zane standing there watching me with a mocking smile. I got chills on my arms and down my back as I watched his eyes; so merciless so cold.

I pressed my back against the window behind me and eyed him warily.
“What’re you doing here Zane?” I asked him through numb lips. He smiled a cocky smile and folded his arms across his chest.

“I’m here to do what I’m told.” He replied aloofly. I swallowed and fought back my grimace as my hands and legs started to shake.

“Job?” I asked nervously. His smile grew as his gaze raked over me. It lingered on my broken arm before moving along the rest of me; I fought back the shiver the pricked at my skin.

“Yes, job.” He said as he took a step toward me. I whimpered and looked for some place to escape to.

But I was trapped, with the shop windows at my back and Zane closing in; the space for my escape was getting smaller and smaller. I held my hands up to try and ward him off.

He came closer and closer until he was able to grab me. I let out an abrupt scream but he put a hand over my mouth. I started to feel woozy as black dots danced in front of my eyes. My eyes started to droop shut and the last thing I heard was Zane talking on the phone to someone.

This can’t be good…

The End

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