Would she love me?Mature

It hurt to turn my back on Akira as she ran away but I needed to put a distance between us. I just couldnt let her get hurt. She meant everything to me. So if keeping her safe meant putting myself and her through some emotional stress. Then so be it. I didnt care about my safety. Only about hers.

"Hello, lover boy" Denise whispers seductively as she steps suddenly in front of me. I tense keeping a distance between us. She pouts glancing at the space and then sneering. "Dont trust me?"

"Never" I reply simply.

"Oh, Mr Darke" Mellisa says and Alec approaches. She looks up at Alec with dreamy eyes then says something I really hoped Alec wouldnt have told her. "Is he a demon to?" she asks in a hushed whisper.

"Yes" Alec say looking at me with a cheeky smile on his lips. I clench my jaw and clench my fists.

"Mellisa, school's about to start" I say slowly. Mellisa blushes and doesnt retaliate before beginning to leave. Before she does though Alec tugs her into his arms and kisses her deeply making my skin bubble angrily. Once Mellisa's gone and the school hall is empty I swing my fist. It collides with Alec jaw.

He stumbles back and stares at me utterly shocked. "Will you just leave her alone?" I snap. "Its enough your trying to steal her soul never mind starting to turn her into a damn demonic worshipper"

Alec sneers. "Jealous I can control my girl" he says cruely. I'm about to move to hit Alec again when Denise steps in front of him.

"Thats not why I stopped you to talk" Denise says cooly. I tense beginning to sense this isnt just a little catch up but something much more. Something dangerous maybe? "We are wondering if you've come back to our side"

I flash my teeth and Alec sighs heavily. "I think we got our answer, Denise" Alec says stepping up to me. "Answer me something, Wolf. Do you think she'd still love you were you not a demon?"

"Yes" I say simply. What I feel for Akira isnt just cause of what I am? Although I dont understand why she loves me? Is it cause of what I am? Would she love me if I was human? I shove the thought away meeting Alec's gaze firmly. He holds my gaze for a few moments before shrugging. I watch him step back and shove his hands in his pocket. Then Denise flicks back her hair.

She gazes at me with narrowed eyes before sighing. "Too bad. I was hoping you would join us"

"Join you where?" I say slowly feeling a worry begin to nag at me. Denise smiles slowly and I feel myself go cold.

"Oh where we finally rid the world of one annoying pest" Denise says simply. Then it hits me. As the two demons gaze at me I know who they're pest is.

"No" I breathe. Then I'm gone racing out of the school like there is no tomorrow. They can't hurt her. They just can't. If they get her then I'll never forgive myself.

Never. I'd die in her place if that was the only way.

The End

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