I rolled over and snuggled against Wolf’s warm frame. I smiled up at him and pressed a kiss to his jaw. He smiled down at me and pulled me tighter against him. I burrowed deeper into him and shivered when I remembered the vividness of the dream, although nightmare seems more fitting.

“Wolf is it bad that I had a dream about hell?” I asked him.
He seemed to ponder the question more.

“I suppose it could be” He says nonchalantly. I frowned. Why did I have the feeling that he was lying to me? If I was dreaming about hell what does that mean? I asked myself.
I sat up and wrapped the blankets around me.
“Are we going to school today?” I asked Wolf. He looked up at me and shrugged.
“It would be wise to; I have many things to do now that I have my promotion.” He murmured.

I nodded and got up to get dressed into my school uniform. I waited for Wolf to get dressed, and having already eaten our breakfast, we headed down to his car and made our way to school.

“What do I do if I see Melissa?” I asked him. He shrugged.

“Avoid her, she’s with Alec. He’s dangerous and I want you nowhere near him, the same with Melissa.” He growled out.  I winced at his tone and slumped in my seat.

“She’s my friend Wolf. I can’t just leave her to lose her soul.” I said quietly. He sighed as we pulled into the school parking lot.

“Akira these demons are dangerous. Friendship is not a power, it doesn’t kill anything and it doesn’t stop anything, you’re human, they’ll kill you.” He said to me in a strained voice. I nodded and with a tight throat I opened the door and got out and waited for Wolf to climb out of the car.

We started walking up to the main doors but I stopped halfway and stared at the school. Wolf turned to look at me.
“Everything okay?” He asked me. I shook my head and eyed the school warily.
“No. I cannot go in there. Not whilst knowing what’s happening to my mother, not while I know who’s in there.” I backed up slightly.

“I can’t Wolf! I just can’t” I said miserably. I shook my head again and took another step back. Students started looking at me strangely and giving me a wide berth as they walked past me. Wolf looked at me worriedly.

“Akira you must go in there.” He said to me. I looked at him and let him see the haunted emotions in my eyes, I showed him how much the nightmare bothered and how much I despised that my mother was stuck in the school basement.

“No Wolf; I cannot. I’m going to go.” I said to him before I spun on my heel and walked away.
I didn’t know where I was going to go or what I was going to do, but anything is better than spending a day in a demon riddled school for over six hours.

I walked out of the school gates and looked back to see that Wolf had gone. Pain stabbed at my heart and regret swam through me. What was I doing? I asked myself.

No answers popped into my head as I headed toward the local park.
I just hoped that when I get home Wolf wouldn’t be too mad with me. Ever since breakfast this morning he’s been more guarded, his eyes lost some of their softness and he only talked in short crisp sentences. What that meant, I didn’t know and a part of me didn’t want to find out.

All I know is that he loves me, no matter what he does or doesn’t say, Wolf loves me and I love him. But if only we were like a normal couple and got our chance to shine.
But I've come to accept that, that'd never happen with someone like Wolf.   

The End

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