Please StopMature

Akira kept screaming. She wouldn't stop. "Akira, please" I begged. "What's wrong? Wake up"

She didnt. She tossed and turned out of my grasped hitting the floor with a thud. That is what woke her. I rose to my feet and almost raced round to pick her up. She was sobbing heavily into her hands and whimpering softly. Her screams no longer rang out but they still rang out in my mind. It made me feel cold inside which left me feeling utterly confused.

Akira's eyes opened slowly to look at me as I lay her back down on the bed. Then she grasped my face and kissed me tightly. I pulled away. "Akira, whats wrong?" I ask shocked at her sudden kiss and alarmed by her tumbling tears. She didnt answer instead clinging to me like a life line. "Was it a bad dream?" I continue passing my fingers through her hair.

She nods looking up at me. "I think I saw hell" she whispers making me tense. "Everything was burning. My mum was there but she wasnt burning and she left me to burn-"

"Impossible" I tell her quickly. "Everyone burns in hell. Even weak demons can sometimes burn"

Akira shivers violently and I pull her into my arms. "I will never let you go there. I'd give my life to save yours" I tell her looking deep into her eyes. Her own widen and she shakes her head briskly.

"I could never ask that of you" she says threading her fingers through mine to clutch my hand tightly. I run my free hand down her body feeling her soft skin beneath my fingers.

"I'd do anything for you" I whispers her eyes meeting mine. While her gaze is a little frightening I can see its understanding. She'd do exactly the same thing for me. She removes her hand from mine and wraps her arms round my next. I slip my own arms round her waist tugging her closer. "Are you hungry?"

Akira bites her lip softly and then nods. I flash a smile then rise to my feet. I can feel Akira's eyes on me as I tug on just a pair of trousers. I check the time. 5:06 am. Moving off to the kitchen I begin to feel a little worried. If Akira is dreaming about hell that surely isnt good. With all that is going on we need to at least try and get by.

Deal with all the chaos that seems to be growing around us. Would it be better if I just left? Would the others leave with me? I have a feeling they would but could I ever leave Akira? Do I have the strength it would take to actually tell her goodbye cause no way would she let me go without a fight. I couldnt deal with fighting her I know that. I'd give in to soon.

Reaching the kitchen I lean heavily against the counter for a moment trying to calm myself. I dont know what to do anymore. Its almost like Akira's my life now. I live for her and only her. Telling her I'd give up my life for her was no lie. I'd do it willingly not caring if I actually died. The thought makes my inside squirm as I remember what that could intail but I cant think about that cause I dont know if I could deal with what would happen.

The End

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