Akira's mum hangs in front of us. A noose of shadows round her neck and then ropes of them wrapping up from the ground around her body. I stop Akira as she tries to run to her. "Let me go!" she snaps at me snuggling in my arms. "That's my mother. She needs help. Let go, Wolf!"

"Stop, Akira. You could kill both of you if you touch that" I hiss into her ear. She stops sturggling become limp in my arms. She turns to bury her face in my chest sobbing her eyes out. I watch the shadows wripple and clench my teeth holding Akira more firmly as they make the gesture of coming over. They receed when I flash my demonic teeth and Akira looks up at me then to the shadows looking frightened when she sees that they were coming for her.

"What can we do?" she whispers looking up at me. I stroke her cheek and then look back at the shadows.

"Nothing" I tell her honestly. "Only the demon who set up those shadows can take them down"

"We cant leave her here" Akira almost screams at me. I grip her face looking deep into her eyes.

"I'm trying to save you" I say to her allowing the pain I feel at her thinking of risking her life slip into my voice. Looking into her eyes I feel my heart ache. "I cant lose you" I admit to her honestly. She relaxes a bit but looks back towards her mother.

"But... my mother..." she whispers her voice trailing off.

"All you can do to help her right now is stay alive" I tell her firmly and slowly she nods. I pull her away from that horrible sight leading her straight to my office. I sit down pulling her into my lap. She curls up beginning to cry her eye out. All I can do is hold her as my anger for Alec bubbles angrily within me.

"How are we gonna save her?" Akira asks once she has no more tears. She fiddles with the necklace I gave her making me smile slightly.

"I dont know" I tell her honestly. Then take a deep breath before telling her what I wish I didnt have to. "Alec is the demon that did that, Akira"

"Alec is a demon?" she says shocked. "Why didnt you tell me?"

"I need him to believe you dont know about him and he's planning to take Mellisa's soul. You cant intervene" I tell her sternly.

"She's my friend!" Akira snaps angrily trying to push herself out of my arms but I just tighten my grip around her.

"Akira, stop please" I say as she settles but bubbling with anger. "This world is more complicated than you could ever understand. We have a hierachy. I cant challange Alec and win"

Akira settles but I can tell she's still angry. "So thats why Mellissa's been acting different?" she asks and I nod feeling a little bit of her seem to give in but more in an excepting way. "Can I help her?"

"You need to be there for her" I tell her and kiss her softly. She kisses back a little teary and when I pull away I can see the need in her eyes just to be with me. "Do you want to go home?" I ask lightly.

"Can we? You havent got any classes or duties?" she asks softly. I shake my head and get to my feet. We walk to the car not holding hands but once we're in the car I reach across and grasp Akira's hand before driving us straight home.

The End

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