The BasementMature

I jumped when a loud bang sounded. I grabbed Wolf’s arm and pressed against him.
“What was that?” I asked in a panicked voice.

He wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me tighter against him as we continued shuffling through the schools basement. The air was hot with a slight cold breeze that travelled through every thirty seconds or so. The tops of the pipes steamed and made the air slightly muggy and hard to breathe in. there was very little light, the only light that was provided was from very dim light bulbs.

“It was only a rat.” Wolf commented. I blinked at him.
“How does a rat make a loud bang like that?” I asked him. He smiled slightly and looked at me. My eyes widened. I untangled myself from him and backed up a step.

“Your eyes” I whispered. His grey eyes seemed to glowing silver, I looked up and saw that we were standing beneath a light but I’ve never seen his eyes do that before. Maybe all the smoke in the air is making me have some sort of hallucination.
He continued to smile but it faltered around the edges.

“It’s just the energy down hair, it’s rocketed my powers up a bit.” He assured me.  I nodded and fell in step beside him.

The basement seemed so huge and unending, a couple of tunnels led off various turns and ladders went up and vents lined the ceiling.
“This place is huge.” I said to Wolf. He grunted.

“It is a high school basement. Think of this path as your main corridor, and the tunnels that lead off are the other hallways and classrooms. So really all we’re doing is walking the length of the main hallway in the school.” He said as we walked on.

I looked up and saw that the vents did follow down the long tunnel we walked down. I closed my eyes and pictured the school from above, the lockers, classrooms and hallways. Hunh, it is just like walking the main hallway.

I shrugged and looked ahead.
“Where do you think they have my mother stashed?” I asked him. He let a small growl.
“Akira we don’t even know if she’s down here or not. Why would she be brought here?” He asked me. I swallowed and grappled for an answer.

“Maybe cause they’re here more than anywhere else? So they can just come down here, have a peek and go back up and act like nothing is wrong and they’re not trying to kill my mother and take her soul back to hell where it will burn for all eternity?” I snapped. He raised an eyebrow at me.
My shoulders sagged as if I had a heavy weight weighing them down all of a sudden.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to snap like that.”  I said softly. He grabbed my hand and tugged me forward a bit more. A nervous lump rested in the pit of my stomach and with every step that we took it grew larger until it felt like I had a boulder sitting inside me.

And as we rounded the last corner I felt the air rush out of me. I gasped and stumbled backwards.
"What the hell is that?!" I shouted in panic.

The End

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