What is she doing?Mature

I walk slowly along the school corridors. I didnt see the point of corridor duty. Hell, I didnt like the fact I'd be taking over more classes with Mr Matthews resigned. He's now totally left the school and I have to take on his two classes. So instead of just Akira's class two hours a week. I have three classes and work not only 6 hours worth of teaching but I almost have to come in every day for my school duties as head of humanities.

Feeling a bit grumpy as I walk I spot a student up ahead. I'm about to yell at them to get back into class when I notice its Akira. I frown and watch as she walks quickly. At first I assume she's heading to the bathroom. Then I see the bag on her back and know she hasnt just left class for the bathroom. She hasnt gone completely.

I follow he quietly and strangely she heads towards the basement. As I follow her down the stone steps I find myself tensing from the thick dark energy. Akira stops at the door and I know I have to stop her.

Powerful demonic energy licks the walls and runs across my skin. Its only going to get worse through that door. "Akira!" I call. Akira stops in her movement for the handle and spins round placing a hand to her chest. Her chest rises and falls quickly as she tries to catch her breath.

"W-wolf" she sutters. She obviously didnt expect me to find her.

"What are you doing?" I ask slowly. She looks towards the floor and hugs her stomach. Guilt rolls thickly off her skin and I can feel it cause the demonic energy down here is making my powers stronger.

"I was looking for my mother" she says looking up at me a firm look in her eyes. So powerful. Not scared. Not weak. It makes me almost proud. I pulls her into my arms.

"Akira, stop... please" I whisper. "I will find her for you"

"I think she's here" she says simply stepping slightly out of my arms to look at the basement door. I look myself and feel a sliver of energy roll across my skin.

"It doesnt feel right here" I tell her honestly.

"Exactly" Akira says holding back a shiver. I tilt her chin up and see the determination in her eyes. I sigh heavily weakening beneath her gaze.

"Stay here"

When Akira starts to protest I shoot a look at her and she instantly falls silent. Stepping towards the basement door I grasp the handle and turn it open. I take a deep breath feeling demonic energy buzz into my body. I turn the handle and step into the basement. The energy hits me like a tiddle wave. I stumble and Akira watches with wide eyes.

I look over at her. "Seriously stay" I say though clenched teeth. Then I turn and head into the basement. Pipe clanked and puff as gas and water run through them. I take my steps slowly following the strong power of energy. A bang happens behind me and I spin. My teeth flash out and my eyes flash amber.

Akira holds back a scream and slowly I relax. She looks at the floor and I shake my head geturing for her to stay close. We continue on through the basement ducking under pipes. Stepping around boilers and following the dark trail of energy.

The End

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