Acting StrangeMature

I hovered beside Wolf’s car and waited as he unpacked his gear from the car. I carried a stack of books as he carried the rest in his arms. We entered the school and slowly made our way to his office. No one paid us much attention as we walked through the hall but a part of me wished that everyone knew that Wolf and I are together that we’re in love… or at least I think we were we haven’t said ‘I love you’ to each other yet but it will happen.

Maybe at prom when he sees me in the dress. I scowled since our fight I hadn’t shown him the dress or even tried it on.
The thought drifted away when I spotted Melissa I started to go over to her but Wolf let out a strange sound and steered me in the opposite direction. We took the long to his office and I had to jog to keep up to his strides.  I dumped the books on his desk and faced him.

“What was that? I wanted to talk to her” I told him. He shrugged and sat down behind his desk.
I narrowed my eyes at him and leant forward on his desk.
“Something’s going on. What is it?” I asked him. He sighed and leant back in his chair.
“Akira must we talk about this now?” He asked warily. I nodded and motioned for him to speak.

He just shook his head and fixed his attention on his work. I opened my mouth to demand an answer when the bell rang. I said goodbye to him and made my way toward class.

Thankfully I spotted Melissa on the way there and quickly caught up to her.
“Melissa wait.” I called to her. She turned her head and spotted me but didn’t slow down. I blew out a frustrated breath and grabbed her elbow.

“Melissa what the hell is wrong with you?” I snapped at her. She glared at me and wrenched her elbow out of my hold.
“Nothing is wrong Akira. Can you just drop it?” She turned and walked away without waiting for my reply.

I sighed and continued to class when I saw Denise standing in the office doorway glaring at me. I shivered and rubbed my arms and continued walking. But I didn’t make it far before I saw Zane smirking at me. I stepped closer to a cluster of students and walked with them as we paced him. He watched me walk past him with the smirk still in place.

I turned and saw Denise drift back into the office. What the hell is going on? I thought to myself as I enter class and slowly sink into my seat. First Wolf acts weird, then its Melissa, Denise and now Zane. Is there something going on? Is it about my mother?
I sat up straighter. What if she was here? She could be locked in the school basement…

Grabbing my bag I slung it over my shoulder and rushed out of class before the teacher came. I had to check, I had to make sure whether she was here or not. But what do I do if I do find her? Go against a siren and a psycho ex? Somehow I didn’t think that Wolf would be okay with that...

The End

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