Waking up to hellMature

When I woke I felt cold. I looked around and relised all the covers and pillows had be yanked away from me seeming to have been dumped in the corner in frustration. I sat up and came face to face with a furious Akira.

Her arms were folded tightly across her chest and her eyes blazed with anger. I could taste the fury on my tongue when I drew in a sharp breath. I expected the worsed. "Why didnt you tell me my mother was still alive?" she snapped her voice as sharp as a knife hitting my dead in the stomach. "Hell, why didnt you tell she'd been taken by demons for her soul"

I sat calmly and stood up pulling on a shirt. "Who told you that?"

"Zane after he begged for my help" Akira says slowly through clenched teeth. It almost comes out as a hiss. I turn to face her calmly realising if I get angry its just going to get worse. Just go start off a hell load of shouting. "What I want to know is why I had to hear it from him? Why couldnt you tell me?" She stared at me with narrowed eyes that blazed like a bonfire.

I sigh and push a hand back through my hair. "Akira..." I say slowly. Suddenly she shoves me and I stumble back blinking in shock.

"Don't you 'Akira' me!" she snaps clenching her fists so tightly her knuckles turn white. "What the hell does Denise want with my mother?"

"Its not Denise" I say slowly.

"Then who" she yells.

"I can't tell you" I finally snap. Akira hand comes up quickly and smacks across my cheek leaving my skin stinging. I freeze. I dont move. I feel a strong wave of anger wash over me. Then Akira's crying. She sobbing into her hands and I look at her feeling pain slice through me like I'm butter. "Akira..." I breathe stepping towards her but she steps back quickly keeping distance between us.

She hugs her stomach and shakes violently with her sobs. "I need to know the truth" she sobs her voice shaking. "You cant keep the world hidden from me like this. Not when it involves my own damn mother"

I stand silently and she looks up at me with red eyes. Her lips quivers and all I want to do is reach out to hold her. I know though that she wont let me. These tears are from pain that I'm causing her and the knowledge of that hurts me more than if someone was actually burning my skin off.

"Tell me" she whispers so weakly I wince. When I don't answer she storms out of the bedroom slamming the door behind her. I groan and follow her. I find her already curled up one the couch squishing her head between two pillows and eyes squeezed shut.

"Akira?" I whisper and she opens her eyes and looks at me. Then finally she moves the pillows away from her head and sits up.

"What?" she asks harshly the words snapping out. Its like she's sinking a knife into my heart. I take slow deep breaths before walking over to take the other seat on the couch.

"I want to keep you out of this"

"You cant. Its-"

"No, Akira. You need to stay out of this..... if you want your mother to live. If you want to live"

"What do you mean?" she asks her eyes turning worried and confused. "You cant ask that of me, Wolf. This is my mother we're talking about. Sure, she's not the best mother in the world but I cant just lose her like this"

"And you wont. I'll make sure of that" I tell her, turning to look intensly into her eyes with a fiery strength. "But the only reason she's still alive is cause your soul is keeping her here. If your weakens they wont only take hers... they'll take yours as well"

Akira looks at me for a moment. Stunned into silence then slowly she look down her eyes still wide. "Oh gosh.... whose doing this, Wolf?" she whispers then looks up at me sharply. I reach out hesitating scared she's gonna move and when she doesnt I stroke her cheek.

"Someone I dont want you anywhere near" I whisper slowly.

What if she knew I'd been told to get her soul? Would she ever forgive me? I dont know if she would and the pain that though stirs inside me makes dread run through me. Run through me like a sharp lightning bolt down my spine.

The End

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