Son Of A...Mature

I woke up with the feel of calloused hands on my bare skin and a warm male body against mine. I sighed happily and snuggled deeper into the covers and warmth. Wolf’s breathing was deep and even. I frowned, he was usually up by now…

I glanced over at the bedside clock and scoffed softly. It was Sunday and Wolf sleeps like the dead on Sunday. Feeling a bit deflated I turned and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I love you so much.” I whispered to him. I threaded my fingers in his wildly tousled hair and blushed when I remember how it got that way. I wanted to burrow deeper into his warmth but my stomach picked that moment to announce its hunger. I reluctantly withdrew from Wolf. Wrapping his robe around me I padded into the kitchen and froze at the site of breakfast sitting on the table with a dozen red roses and a small piece of plastic. I sidled over to it and blinked at it stupidly for a few heartbeats. I sank down into the chair and picked a note from Wolf.

“I did promise you the dress so go and buy it and then you can show me it.” He wrote down the pin number for his card. I looked over at the waffles that sat on the plate with strawberries and cream.

I ate the waffles as admired the roses, rinsed my plate when I was done and skipped into the room to get dressed. I gave Wolf another kiss and excited the apartment and caught a taxi back to the store with my dream dress. I entered the shop and quickly rushed over to it and took it off the rack and ran my hands down it lovingly.

Without further delay I made a beeline for the counter, whipped out Wolfs credit card and with my fingers crossed entered the pin. I restrained from jumping in glee when the transaction was successful. The store’s clerk put my dress in protective plastic, took off the alarm tag and handed me my dress.

Grinning from ear to ear I excited the store and went to go for the cab I had waiting me a shadow fell over me. I looked up and saw Zane standing in front of me. I gulped and backed up a few steps.
“Akira please wait.” Zane pleaded. I hesitated but shook my head.
“Why should I? You tried to kill me.” I hissed at him. When I saw his eyes flick to my dress I put it behind my back and retreated away from him.

“Please it’s Denise. She’s done something to me and I don’t know what to do. Akira you’ve got to help me.” He continued to plead. I shook my head and risked a quick look at the cab.

“No Zane, I don’t want anything to do with you. Please just leave me alone.” His eyes went black and his muscles quivered. I gasped and froze on the spot, expecting him to rush at me and strangle the life out of me but all of the anger in him leaked out and he was once again calm. I don’t know what was worse, his calmness or anger…
“Well then there’s something you should know.” He said smugly.

Chills skittered down my spine and sweat beaded at the back of my neck.
“Your mother is still alive. And for such a bad mother she has quite a strong soul, but it's only a matter of time right?" He winked at me then strode away whistling. My mother is still alive? But how would he know… the thought trailed off.
“Son of a…” Feeling anger and fear mixing together, I jumped into the cab and went back to Wolf’s apartment and waited for sleeping beauty to spill the beans.

The End

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