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I was glad to know Akira didnt know who Alec really was because knowing her she'd make a drastic movement to save Melissa.

"Why didnt you buy the dress?" I ask her as she snuggles up against me.

"Too expensive" she mutters stepping away.

"Hmm" I mumble. I could buy it for her. I mean its not like I'm short on cash.

"Shall we go?" she asks.

"Let me just grab my stuff" I say and Akira nods heading towards the door while I turn back to the stage where I dumped my stuff at the edge. Was keeping all these things secret from Akira a good idea? I mean I was thinking about her well being. I shake my head as I gather together my stuff. Akira waited near the door hugging herself against the cool breeze rushing in. I strided towards and drapped my jacket over her shoulders.

She looked up at me with a smile and I briefly smiled back. Then I saw them. Zane and Denise across the street. I swore beneath my breath and Akira was quick to follow my gaze. At the sight of Zane she stumbled and I slipped my arm round her waist to catch her. We stood in the doorway of the theatre watching them. I watch Denise laugh horribly and a sudden cold splash of horror hit me. "Damit" I swore and grasped Akira's hand tugging her towards the car.

"What? What is it?" she demanded allowing me to tug her along. She looked a bit white and I suppose it was cause, even though I told her she hadnt, she thought she had killed Zane.

"She's tasted his blood" I said ushering Akira into the car.

"What?" Akira gasped as I closed her door. I walk quickly round to my side and slipped in. "What does that mean, Wolf? Tell me" I turned to see her looking at me with pleading eyes. I sighed heavily.

"He's not controlled by a shadow walker anymore. He's controlled by Denise. Zane... when he hurt you he knew exactly what he was doing" I whisper looking at Akira with pain. Realisation dawns on her face which quickly turns to shock.

"Y-you mean he.. he was really trying to kill me? It wasnt a creature inside of him?" Akira asks with a trembling voice. I nod and Akira's head drops to look at her toes. I reach out and tilt her face back up before stroking her cheek then running my fingers through her hair.

"I'm sorry. Denise probably ordered it. She... She knows the truth about you and me. She's going to do anything to get rid of you and bring me back to my full demonic strength"

"Wait... you're saying cause of me you're not at full strength?" she tilts her head and looks a bit confused.

"Yes" I say slowly. "Demons arent meant to feel, Akira. You make me feel which... puts me at a weak advantage in some aspects. Like dealing with other demons"

"Oh" Akira says blinking and looking away. She hugs her stomach. "What about Zane then?"

"I dont know. If Denise ordered him then he had no control over it but if he did out of his own accord...." I sigh heavily feeling like I've just had a huge weight dumped on my shoulders. Like the whole world has suddenly turned against me. "He'll be feeling confused and since he's angry at you that wont help. If I'm honest though I think Denise ordered him"

Akira nods slowly. "Can we... Can we go home please?" she whispers and I look across at her. She's suddenly turned so defeated. I reach out and grasp her hand. She looks up at me with her sad eyes and I feel fury strike through me.

"We need to be strong, Akira" I say sternly. "If you let this get to you too much..... Denise could take your soul"

Akira's eyes widen then frighten but she straighten up in her seat and nods. "Okay" she whispers gripping my hand back tightly. "I-I think I can cope so long as you're here"

"Lets go home" I say softly, squeezing her hand quickly before I let go and turn on the engine. I avoid taking the road that makes us pass Denise and Zane who are still stood outside the coffee shop opposite the theatre. Reaching home I let Akira in first who trembles from the cold. I close the door before tugging her into my arms. I lean down so my mouths by her ear. "Want me to run you a nice warm bath?" I whisper seductively.

Akira trembles but not from the crowd. "I'd rather you warm me up" she mumbles then bites her lip. I laugh freely and rub my nose against her cold one.

"Hey, you know that dress?"

"Yeah?" Akira says a bit suspicious.

"Let me give you the money for it"

"Oh, Wolf, no" she protests. "I can't-" I cut her off with a kiss slipping my tongue into her mouth. In my attempt to distract her I get distracted myself and I press her up against a wall deepening the kiss. I feel her almost melt beneath my finger tips and I slip my hands along her cold skin warming it softly.

Eventually, remembering what we were discussing I pull back. "So, dress?"

"Sure" she mumbles dazed. I chuckle and find myself smiling devilishly as I stroke her sides.

"And how about a shower... with me?"

"Sure... Wait, what?" Akira mutters coming out of her daze sharply. I smile slowly and tug her towards the bathroom. I watch it dawn on her and her cheeks suddenly turn red. Once we're in there I tug on the hem of her top pulling it up. "W-Wolf" she stutters.

"Whats the matter?" I asks softly and gaze at her intensly.

"Nothing" she breathes. I continue to undress her and with slight hesitation she does the same slowly taking off my shirt. I watch her as she runs her fingers over my chest tracing it slowly. I flick my wrist towards the shower which springs to life. Akira gazes up at me and I cant help but lean down and delicately place my lips on hers before pulling her into the warm rush of water.

The End

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