The Midnight DressMature

“I’ll meet you at three thirty for the dress rehearsal.” I said to Wolf just as I was about to climb out of the car. He nodded and continued looking at me. Self-consciously I brought my hand up and wiped the side of my mouth.

“What?” I asked when he kept looking at me. For a reason my eyes were drawn to his full lips and tipped my head back and laughed softly. “Sorry” I said to him as I leant over and kissed him. A little growl sounded in his throat and I felt his arms surround me; I pressed myself against him and deepened the kiss. He sighed and loosened his hold on my and leant back to smooth my hair away from my face.

“You should go meet Melissa now.” He whispered to me. I nodded shakily but didn’t move and neither did he. His cloudy eyes flicked back to my kiss swollen lips and I thought I saw them ignite but the light was gone before I could be sure. Sighing I leant away from him and sat opened the passenger door.

“I’ll see you later Wolf.” I said to him with a small tremulous smile and exited before I could throw myself into his strong and capable arms again. Pulling my phone from my pocket I sent a quick text to Melissa. “B ther Sn.”

I hurried along the pavement and past the bookstore, antique shop and finally reached the formal dress shop. The shop had everything from gowns to nice pants and tops and even woman suits. I spotted Melissa waiting patiently outside for me. I hurried over to her and smiled when I got near her. She flashed me a quick grin and stepped inside the store just before I could reach her. I caught the door as it swung shut and followed her inside and over to the pink dress section.

I approached her timidly and stopped a few feet away from her.
“What’s wrong?” I asked her after a minute of silence. She shrugged and flicked through the dresses occasionally pulling one out inspecting it before she shook her head and put it back. I puffed out an annoyed breath and caught her wrist before she could reach for the next dress.

“What the hell is wrong?” I asked her more forcefully. She scowled at me and pulled her wrist from my hand.
“Nothing is wrong Akira, well nothing except for the fact that you can’t be happy that I ended things with Zane because I want to be with Alec.” She snapped at me. I frowned at her.
“Who’s Alec?” I asked her. She stomped her foot and threw her hands in the air.
“See? You don’t even know who he is!” She hissed at me. I looked around and noticed that were starting to gain unwanted attention.

“Uh maybe we could talk about this later?” I asked her when she continued glaring at me. She snorted and snatched a dress of the rack.
“Yeah later, whatever.” She mumbled before she stormed into the girls changing room. I smiled shyly at the other patrons and feigned interest in a peach coloured dress. I shook my head and looked over at a midnight blue dress. My eyes widened in wonder and I trailed over to it and ran my hand down it. The bodice had a mix of black and silver beads; the skirt had a subtle flare and a slit that went up to the knee. I examined the price and my eyes bugged out of my head. Two hundred pounds…

I snapped my hand away as if it were on fire and glanced over at the dressing room and saw the stall Melissa had walked into empty. I frowned and walked over to it and peered inside. A throat cleared from behind me. I turned around and saw a sales assistant eyeing me warily.

“If you’re looking for your friend, she left about five minutes ago.” She said with a small curl to her lip. I nodded and slowly made my way out of the store with a last glance back at the dress.
She left me? Without saying a word? I scoffed and Walked down to the bus stop. 

                                                                                 *   *   *

I made it to the theatre with tome to spare. I greeted everyone with a polite smile and murmured hellos and made my way to the stage. The dress rehearsal lasted for two hours; with Wolf barking out sharp orders and looking at me with pride alight in his eyes. His pride had me lifting my chin and straightening my shoulders. But just before the kiss between Eric and I arrived he called a halt to the scene and let everyone go home.

I smiled at him as I exited the stage and made my way toward him. I walked into his arms and snuggled against his soothing warmth.
“I had a fight with Melissa today. She was angry that I didn’t know how some Alec dude was and stormed out and left me in there. But on the bright side I found a dress. Oh Wolf you should’ve seen it, it was so pretty.” I said into his chest.

I closed my eyes happily and listened to his deep and even breathing. At the moment I simply didn’t want to care about my mother, Zane or the fight with Melissa, I had my Wolf and there was nothing else in the world that would make me want to leave him.

The End

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