I had only just pulled up when I saw Akira racing down at me. "Akira" I say concerned when I see all the tears pouring down her cheeks. She throws her body into my arms and I catch supporting her. Its like her legs drop out from beneath her. She grips my shirt sobbing into it heavily.

I'd only been gone three hours and now I'm starting to think I shouldnt of left at all. I look around then lift Akira up in a fire mans lift. I carry her inside and lay her down on the sofa stroking her hair. She just crawls back into my lap and continues to cry.

"Akira, whats wrong?" I demand.

"I killed him. Oh gosh, I stabbed him with a blood stick!" Akira stutters her whole body shaking.

"Who?" I quickly ask.

"Zane" she says looking up at me with wide large eyes. "I was so scared. I couldn't stop him. I thought he was gonna kill me" I feel my arms tighten around her as she continues rambling but I've drifted off. They couldnt have. Thats my shadow walker. They wouldnt dare give it order to harm Akira... or would they?

They wanted Akira to be damaged enough for either her soul to slip into my fingertips or theirs. I couldnt let that happen. I look down at the trembling girl in my arms. My girl. She was that. She was mine and I was hers.

The realisation came to me like a heavy burden. I wanted to be with this mortal. I'd give up my immortal life for her just so I could grow old with her. I would risk my life and more. I felt my stomach churn uneasily. How could I feel so strongly for a girl that I'd known what? 3 weeks? Less?

"Akira" I say calmly. She looks up at me with trembling lips. Trailing a hand through her hair I lean down and kiss her lips softly. "Calm down"

"But I killed him?" Akira says trembling.

"You didnt"

"I did!" Akira snaps. "He fell back he wasnt moving"

"Thats the shadow walker going into shock" I say stroking her hair. "Dont worry. He'll be good as new tomorrow. You'll see"

"Are you... Are you sure?" she stutters looking up at me like her idol. Oh gosh, Akira, you could have such a better idol.

"Deffinetly" I lean forward and kiss her forehead softly. "Look, let me make you some hot chocolate or tea, yeah?"

"Tea would be nice" she hugs her stomach and I lie her back down on the sofa. I go turn to kettle on before going to grab a blanket from the cupboard in the bedroom. Tucking a pillow beneath her head and wrapping Akira in a blanket she begins to pick herself up a bit. She smiles happily when I bring her the cup of tea and she sips at it softly.

I sit on the floor looking up at her and stroking her hair every so often. Once she finishes her tea she hands the cup to me and I turn away to put it on the table. When I turn back Akira's drifted off to sleep. I smile and stand up slowly before delicately lifting Akira up. She stirs in my arms so I stop then wants she settles I continue into the bedroom. I pull back the covers with a flick of my hand and lay her down.

Akira mumbles in her sleep and I stop to listen when I hear my name. "I love you, Wolf" she mumbles. I freeze. Oh gosh. The wait of it bears down on me and I move to the other side of the bed so I can lie down. I shake my head and roll onto my side to watch Akira. Her light breathing. Her soft serine face.

I stroke her cheek and then run my fingers through her hair. "I could marry you, Akira. I'd give up my immortality for you. Just so I could see you smile every day and grow old with you"

Having said those words I pull her into my arms and fall off to sleep. I see Akira's face and me. The happy life we could of had if I was human.

The End

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