Fight Or FlightMature

 It was about 7 in the morning and I woke up to a horridly empty space next to me. I trailed my hand over the cold and rumpled sheets with a sharp pang in my chest. Having read Wolf’s note I decided that going to school wasn’t as appealing as it usually is.
I got dressed and curled up on Wolf’s sofa and turned on the television, not knowing what I wanted to watch I flicked through the channels until I saw some Looney Tunes reruns on.  I sat blank faced for the next couple of hours thinking about Wolf and my mother.

Feeling like I needed to do something I headed out to my mothers and stood outside looking in; watching my stepfather go about his daily routines of getting drunk and watching television. Who would want to take my mother? And why?

I shook away the depressing thought and started down the street contemplating potential suspects when I felt a small tingle at the back of my neck. I slowed my steps and peeked behind me, at first I saw nothing but after turning more I saw Zane standing in the middle of the path watching me with a frozen smile.
I moved toward him but I remembered what Wolf had told me so I backed away from him but with every step I took he took another toward me. He mimicked me until I spun and ran, spotting the woods just ahead of me I ran faster and slipped between the trees and hide behind a shrub and listened to for any sounds.

Minutes ticked by as I crouched there and heard nothing I got to my feet and peeked around the bush, seeing nothing I emerged and gasped in shock as I saw Zane standing there with his head cocked to the side and that same smile on his face. I backed away from him but he reached forward and grasped my un-broken arm.
I leant away from him and tugged on my arm.

“Let me go!” I shouted at him as I struggled to get free, but his hold tightened around me until it felt my bones were grinding together. I gritted my teeth to keep from crying out.

“Zane let me go!” I screeched at him.  He merely continued to smile at me. Panicking I lifted my broken arm and slammed the cast against his head. His head snapped to the side with a click, his hold loosened enough for me to scramble away from him; I tripped over a tree root and sprawled on my back.

Zane strode over and stood over me, just looking down at me with empty eyes. I whimpered and shuffled backwards, but he followed me; not giving me a chance to
escape.  I swallowed my scream and swept my hand out looking for a weapon, and as if on luck I found a branch about a metre long and as thick as wrist. I held it with both of my hands in front of me.

And when Zane moved closer I thrust it upwards without another thought. I felt
a slight hesitation as it slid into his flesh; horrified I let it go and watched with wide eyes when it stayed there. It protruded from his right shoulder.
He gasped and fell backwards with eyes rolling back into his head.
I got to my feet and cried out. He looked so motionless, so…dead.

My heart thumped in my chest and my arm throbbed in pain from using it too much.
I just killed my ex-boyfriend, I thought in shock. Wolf will know what to do, he has to.
And without another glance back at the fallen Zane I sprinted out of the forest to search for Wolf.

The End

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