Give her back!Mature

I couldnt take it. I could no longer bear Akira's tears. The strained converstation almost brought me to my breaking pointing. Then when she'd left to fall to sleep I had followed. I slipped beneath the covers and pulled her into my arms. She turned round and cried into my chest eventually wearing herself out and drifting off to sleep.

I slipped my fingers through her hair as she sleep. Her face relaxed but tear stained making me wince. That's it, I think bluntly. I can't take this. I slowly slip my arms out from around Akira. I rise slowly and move to get dressed. I find a pen and paper writing a note;

'Gone out. You dont have to go to school but you can walk there if you want. I'll be back here for lunch'

I leave the note folded on the side her name scribled on it before heading out. I close the bedroom door lightly and move out of the apartment quickly. I grab my keys and coat getting in my car almost a moment after I've left the apartment. I rev the engine and drive quickly following Alec's strong demonic aura to the graveyard. I pull up with a bit of a skid but slip out and lock the doors before moving down the cobblestone path. I hear the crunch beneath my feet and I'm almost at the point of fire bursting out from my clenched hands.

"Well, well" I spin to find Alec leant back against a headstone. "What's got you in such a twist?"

"Give back the soul, Alec" I snap.

"The mothers?" Alec laughs. "No way, hot shot. That damned waste of space is mine"

I growl then stop smiling slowly. "She hasnt given in yet has she?" I say with a harsh laugh. Alec flashes his jagged teeth and fire snaps in his hands. I stand my ground with a smug smile resting on my lips. "You cant even get the soul of an old lady and you think I'm loosing my touch? Please" I let my laugh ring out and Alec growls.

"Some damn soul is keeping her here" Alec snaps. "They wont let go and since they wont her's wont go either"

"I bet its Akira" I turn to find Denise walking over slowly. "Maybe we should tempt in her soul. I bet she's not happy with her mother going missing"

"I don't think her mood will improve now little miss cheerleaders falling into my hands" Alec laughs. "Its a bit pathetic really. The girls like putty. I just need to mold it a bit more to get it just right. Maybe I can drag her useless friend down with me"

A growl escapes my lips. "Oo, I wouldnt mess with Wolf's new plaything, Alec. He seems a little protective of the girl" Denise snides. Alec chuckles and looks at me with snake like amber eyes. He begins to twirl fire in and out between his fingers.

"Hmm, maybe too protective" Alec says stepping towards me. I flash my teeth fire sparking in my clenched fist. "I know whats happening to you, Wolf. You think you're in love. Its happened before. Demons get bored of feeling nothing but the end of the matter is we cannot love. So I'll give you a chance to redeem yourself. Bring the girls soul by the full moon and I wont get you chained up and burning in hell for the rest of your immortal life"

"Thats two weeks" I says slowly. My nails pierce the skin of my palm and I see Denise glance at the blood hungrily. I curse and wipe it on my jeans before she can taste a drop. She snaps her teeth at me and sits lightly on the top of a gravestone.

"Yes and dont be late" Alec says and turns to walk off.

"I wont let you have her soul" I growl. Alec looks back over his shoulder then smiles slowly.

"Two weeks, Wolf. Make the right decision" he says then shoving his hands in his pockets he walks off. Shadows creep up and wrap themselves round his body. Then he's gone the shadows evaporating in the air. I turn to look at Denise but she's gone as well. I swear and turn to walk back to my car.

Akira's mothers still alive. Thats a plus. I cant let them get Akira's soul. I cant let her die. I just can't. I stop as me legs buckle slightly beneath me and I keep myself up by grasping a grave stone. I stumble to my feet and shake my head. Then I feel wetness on my face. I reach up and wipe in away.

Then the truth hits me. I'm crying... but demons dont cry. I stare at the tear on my finger in shock. What the hell is happening to me?

The End

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