Struggle with the ShadowsMature

I walk along the empty corridors slowly. Zane was waiting where I'd told him to which was right outside my office. He turned at the sound of my footsteps. I jerk my head to tell him to step inside and he did. "Sir" he said calmly.

"I want you to watch Alec, shadow" I say coldly.

"Yes, sir... May I mention something, sir?" he asks hesitantly. I turn to face him with a raised eyebrow.

"Sure" I say confused. Shadow walkers never question things.

"This person.. he struggles a lot. Are you sure he's subdued enough? Wouldnt it be easier to just remove his soul so I can inhabit the body?"

I clench my jaw. "You know I cannot just do that. It must be authorised" I say coldly.

"Should I go and speak with the other demon sent on soul retreval?" Zane's head tilts and I find something weird stir in my heart. Its like the eeireness of it makes me uncomfortable. The way his eyes are almost empty of life. I shake my head moving to sit behind my desk.

"No" I say bluntly. "I dont want you to talk to them"

"Of course, sir" the shadow says bowing Zane's body. I grunt and grab a pen twirling it in my fingers. "Other than watching master Alec, sir. Is there anything else?"

"No" I say and the shadow leaves. Its movements heavy. Is it struggling with Zane that much? I cant let Denise or Alec touch him though. They do have the authority right now to take souls and if I'm going to change for Akira I cant let that happen. I sigh heavily leaning back in my chair. I pull a hand down over my face. I dont know what I'm doing anymore.

I close my eyes and then theres a knock on my door. I open my eyes slowly to find Denise stood in the doorway. "Hello" she sings walking in and closing the door behind her.

"What do you want?" I growl. Denise smiles slowly moving round my desk. She tries to sit in my lap and I shove her away baring my demonic teeth. Denise shiver and then narrows her eyes slipping her hands onto her hips as she looks at me.

"Come on, Wolf. You need to relax" she teases. "I can help you with that"

"Get lost, Siren" I hiss. She hisses back, a sharp blunt hiss through her teeth. She moves back into my lap again and just before I push her away she has a sharp nail pressing into my skin.

"Move and it will pierce your skin" she says slowly. I begin to panic but force myself to calm and sit perfectly skill. "Good boy" Denise whispers into my ear her breath brushing my skin. "So, about helping you relax"

Her other hand has moved to my shirt beginning to undo the buttons. I snap I shove her off and her nail scratches my skin. "Dont touch me, siren" I snap and grasp her wrist before she can taste my blood. She looks at me with very narrowed eyes I hold back a shiver.

"I will taste it the moment you let go of my wrist" she say smiling slowly.

"No you wont" I say and snap the nail with my blood on off her finger. Denise howls in pain and backs off while I set the nail alight in my hand turning it to ash. Then I lick the blood off my already healed arm. I look at Denise with a piercing gaze. She shifts panicked.

"You'll give in eventually" she snaps then leaves quickly. She leaves though just as Akira seems to have come to my office. She watches Denise leave then looks at me her eyes going to my partly unbuttoned shirt. She clenches her jaw.

"Now you really have to tell me what's going on" Akira demands. I sigh and slip an arm round her waist tugging her in before closing the door. I look down at her and she pushes herself out of my arms even though I can tell she doesnt want to. "Start talking"

"Denise is a Siren" I say simply.

"So she's another demon?" Akira says putting her hands on her hips. She looks so strong and determined standing there. Just the way she looks makes my heart skip a beat. Like a warrior princess. I smile slowly pulling her back to me by gripping her waists with my hands.

"Yes" I say.

"Whats your history?"


"Not lovers?" she questions avoiding looking me in the eye. I sigh and tilt up her face by a finger beneath her chin.

"It was a long time ago" I tell her honestly. "She didnt take me dumping her that well"

"And she still wants you right?" she asks. I fall silent and she looks away. "Do you still want her?"

"How could you ask me that?" I whisper shocked.

"Do you?" she demands turning to look me full on in the eyes.

"No" I answer honestly. "I only want you, Akira. I dont think you realise how much I'm risking to be with you"

"Did she have something to do with my mother going missing?"

I wince. "We're back to this again?" I ask softly looking away.

"Tell me" she demands.

"I cant" I whisper.

"Why not?"

"I've told you" I say clenching my jaw feeling anger begin to bubble beneath my skin. "You could get yourself killed... dont you trust me?"

"Don't you trust me?" she says back and we end up just glaring at each other. I soften beneath her angry gaze and stroke her cheek.

"Please, Akira" I whisper. "I cant lose you. Please dont continue with this"

"I need to know the truth" Akira says stepping away. "And if you wont tell me I'm gonna find it myself.

"Dont" I whisper pained. She shakes her head and begins to leave. "I'll see you at home" I can barely get the words out. Akira hesitates at the door and looks back. She nods in a way to say she'll see me later then leaves. I slump back into my seat. Oh gosh, am I losing the only love of my life just cause of some damn demons?

The End

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