Look who the Siren dragged inMature

"Knock knock!" Denise voice teased before she slipped into my office Alec on her heels. I clenched my teeth. Alec smiled slowly his coal black eyes making my insides cold to the core. I hold back the shiver that tries to sneak up my spine. He steps in closing the door behind him. Then I notice his uniform. Alec looks younger than usual which is a demonic skill. We can shift our age with reason like we cant be 21 and turn ourselves 4. I can move between 19 and 25 when I try my hardest.

"What do you want?" I ask coldly.

"I've been sent to help" Alec says cooly. "From a... student view. Apparantly there is someone here Our Lord wants under"

"Hmmph" I mutter and glance at Denise with narrowed eyes. She squirms beneath my gaze then regains her composure. She sticks out her hip and puts her hand on it flicking back her hair.

"I had to report the lack of advance" Denise says simply.

"Did you now?" I say with a raised eyebrow. "Well, if you'd be paying attention things are flowing nicely. The shadow walker reported a suicide, a young girl sleeping with a science teacher and I got him to personally beat up the head cheerleader. Is that not an advance?"

Denise squirms and Alec chuckles. "It is very impressive, Wolf. I am not here cause of Denise's report" he says making Denise glance at him panicked. "I'm here for a certain soul"

I raise an eyebrow resting back in my chair glad for the desk between us. "What soul?" I speak icely and I see Denise shiver stepping back and away. She may be able to intimidate humans... but she knows she cant with me. She tries but she cant.

"Mellisa Hart" Alec says leaning forward on my desk. "The little girl your shadow walker beat up. Her soul is weakening and Our Lord wants it dragged down. Along with a few other pathetic souls"

"What other few?" I ask quietly now.

"Like Akira's poor excuse for a mother" Denise says with a sneer. I tense and Alec raises an eyebrow at this.

"You havent got close to a mortal have you?" Alec tease. I bare my teeth which have sharpened in a flash. Alec laughs leaning away.

"So, we'll be a happy little family?" I sneer and Alec smiles slow a cruel.

"Dont be so cold, Wolf" Alec chuckles. He then tugs at the hem of his shirt. "Well, I best go grab the poor heart of Mellisa Hart"

He then stalks out and Denise scurries after them. The anger that had been rising up inside me surfaces and I slam a fist down on the table. I hear a crack and see the table has split a bit. I curse and rise. I check the clock and begin to tug on my coat. I can go out for a few hours.

I walk down the corridors but find myself slowing when I see Akira in the hallway. See her with someone I so hoped I wouldnt. Melissa Hart. I curse beneath my breath but as I pass I wink at Akira which only she notices. She blushes and I hear her make some excuse about homework before following me out to the car park.

"Hey" she calls when I get to my car and havent stopped. I turn and she stops as she reached me. She clutches a book to her chest as it rises and falls. I cant help but gaze drink her all in which makes her blush even more. After what happened in my office can you blame me for being tempted?

So heavily tempted to yank her into my car and start all over again. I'd never felt that sort of lust. It wasnt just that though. There was also the desire to hold her. To sweep her off her feet and whist her off to a place where she could just be happy. Content with me and her life. Was this love? A mixture of care, lust and passion?

It must be some sort of love. I'd never felt so strongly about someone. To protect them from harm. I reach out and stroke her cheek not caring if anyone sees. Akira relaxes into it with a smile her eyes closing. "Hey" I whisper back to her.

Her eyes flutter open again looking at me in a dreamy sort of way. "Where you going?" she asks softly. I move my hands to her waist pulling her to me.

"Just going to grab a bite to eat. Wanna join me?" I whisper in her ear. She shiver but puts her hands on my shoulders pushing herself out of my grip.

"We're in the car park, Wolf" she hisses worried.

"Yeah" I mutter my shoulders sagging. "I guess it would be too suspicious if I took you out to eat" I reach out and stroke her cheek again though. "I would so love to though"

"Maybe later" she whispers with a happy smile. I smile devilishly and she shivers with desire again. I wink and flick up a brief air mirage spell so I can lean down and kiss her. Akira almost collapses when I do but the kiss is brief. I stroke along her jaw bone tilting up her face.

"See you later" I whisper then turn and slip into my car. Akira backs up onto the side pavement and watches with wanting. I reverse and drives out heading towards the woods outside the town. I would of gone to a restaurant had I been with Akira but I wasnt. I needed piece, quiet. This was the only place I could go to feel calm.

The End

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