Best FriendsMature

My words died on my lips as started to do exactly that. Taking me away from all my problems and lifting me into paradise. As his heat and scent swirled around me I felt dizzy with the effect it had on me. My heart pounded against my ribcage and I could feel Wolf’s pounding almost in-sync with mine.

Oh how wrong this was! We’re in a school office for Pete’s sake! But neither one of us stopped, we didn’t try to stop and we didn’t want to stop. It all felt so…sinful. Filled with wicked delights and forbidden love whispered at the wrong time. But instead of letting go, I cradled him closer. I wrapped my arms tightly around him and let him see the love I had for him sparkled inside my eyes, in every beat of my heart.

Wolf softly touched the necklace around my neck and a small smile tilted his full lips.
 And in that moment I knew that I belonged not just to someone but to something. Something glamorous and scary, beautiful and powerful. I knew that no one could take what we found; it’s our one piece of the world that will be forever pure. And knowing that loving Wolf didn’t feel wrong but instead felt right.

*   *

“I’m glad to see that you’re finally out of the hospital.” I said to Melissa the next day in the school corridor. Melissa looked both happy to be back at school but disconcerted at the same time. And I knew why, word had somehow gotten around what had happened and she was welcomed to the site of adoring cheer leaders and the rest of the gang. She politely but firmly told them to go away and stuck to my side like glue.

Look out world here come the damaged and abused teenage girls, I thought with a bitter smile. Melissa’s eye was surrounded by a light purple bruise and her lip seemed a little less swollen but overall you could see that she had been the victim.

“So Akira what’s new with you?” Melissa asked me as we sat on a bench outside in one of those rare sunny days. She eyed me critically and I cringed beneath the weight of her gaze. Somehow I felt as if she could see right through me and every secret I had.

I plastered a fake smile on my face and stroked a finger over my cast.
“Oh nothing much, except my mum is missing.” I said to her. Her eye’s widened, which looked weird because of her black eye.

“When did this happen?” She asked in shock. I filled her in on the little details since my last hospital visit with her but I left out everything concering Wolf and his part that I have a feeling he has, in all of this mess.

“Well then there’s only one thing we can do.” She said. I looked at her warily.
“Like what?” I asked her slowly. She grinned at me.

“We investigate what really happens. We start from your house and go from there. What we need to do is retrace your mother’s steps and find out who she was with on her last day that she was seen Simple.” She said with a shrug. I gaped at her.

“Are you serious? We can’t just go investigating these ourselves! Plus my step father has the police involved now, we'll just get in the way.” I said with a sniff. Melissa snorted and flicked her hair over her shoulder.

“Do you want to know what happened to your mum?”
She asked with a suspicious glint in her eyes. And she was right, I did want to know what happened to my mother, I don’t know why I care but it’s just one of those things that never change. Hated or not if it’s your relative in trouble you always put on your cape and save the day, or at least try to. I wanted to believe what my gut was telling me, that this was a bad, very bad idea and that Wolf is innocent in all this but my gut has proven me wrong before so why go back to the devil when you know you got killed the first time? It all makes so much sense but there are blind spots that could put us in deep trouble. So the question is what do I do?

“I’m in.” I said firmly. Melissa nodded her head in approval and we set about making our plan to re-trace my mother’s steps, assuming there were any and if it didn’t smell like alcohol and smokes.

“Melissa can I ask why you’re helping me?” I asked her quietly. She looked up at me from her notebook and smiled.
"You helped me when no one else would've wanted to. Out of all the friends I have it was you that came to my hospital room. Sure they sent cards and all that but you actually took the time to sit with me and talk to me." She said softly.
I cleared my throat and looked down.
"Well I felt bad because of what happened with Zane, someone needed to be at your side." I said.
“Because that’s what best friends do.” She said. I blinked at her stupidly.
“Best friends? “I squeaked.

She nodded and just like that it made sense. Melissa and I, best friends, partners in crime.
But the thing was that I may have gained a best friend but I could very well be losing the love of my life.
Life blows at times.

The End

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