Earlier that day

I drove to find Denise after dropping Akira at the hospital. I found her... and someone I was not expecting. I parked my car far off pulling up on the other side of the road. I watched with narrowed eyes. What the hell was Alec now doing here. He stood looking at Denise cooly his lips barely moving but moving quickly. Denise stood her teeth gritted, a look of pure fury on her face. I was glad I wasnt in the firing range.

She'd never attack Alec though. He was like me. One of the top dogs. He was above me actually. Then I looked around noticing the areas. Wait wasnt this... then I saw her. Akira's mum. I could only tell in was her because Akira had described her to me. She stumbled as she walks down the pavement. Denise looked up at the poor women and smiled. I cursed and began to open my door then stopped.

I couldnt stop them. It would be too obvious. It would be like running up to them and shouting 'hey, I'm giving up on my task for love wanna shoot me?' They wouldnt think twice about it. Alec would summon a demon crossbow and shoot me in my cold black heart right there. Could I call my heart cold?

I watched as Alec turned and smiled cruelly. I tensed in my seat powerless to stop it. Just watching. Watching as Alec leaned down to whisper intoxicating, hypnoticing words in Akira's mothers ear. So helpless. I looked away as she went limp Alec catching her body the cruel smile on his lips intensifying. I groaned feeling bile rise to my throat. I was sick to the depths of my stomach but for Akira's safety and mine I couldnt act. I could storm out and yanked the limp body from Alec's arms. I'd be shot after possibly a little of a beat down. That or Denise would taste my blood and I'd become a servent to a siren. The thought made me shiver.

Then they'd find Akira and demons dont just kill.... we torture. They would make her suffer for messing with the demonic work I had been order to do here. If I became Denise's servent they would make me to it. Make me slowly tear the skin from her body. That thought really make me want to be sick. In fact I could even taste it in my mouth.

Suddenly movement caught my attention. She was opening the door to a dark tinted window bmw. Alec almost threw the body in and I felt anger boil beneath my skin. Then they drove away. I was left sat there.... staring after them.


I walked heavy footed to the bathroom. I couldnt stay there not with Akira acusing me. That hurt more than I thought it would. I couldnt let her know what I saw though. I felt like that would hurt her more than me telling her I did it. I couldnt lie to her though. I couldnt tell her the truth either though.

I splashed water on my face and found myself shaking. What the hell was I doing? I needed out. I needed to be with Akira. Anger roared through me and my fist flung out smashing the glass. It sliced my hand and I cursed. I waved my other hand so the shards floated back melding back together. I shoved my injured hand belong the flow of cold water.

I watch it with sad eyes as it healed. Reminding me of my immortality. Of who I was and how I could never be with Akira. "Fuck you" I swore knowing exactly who I was swearing at. My Lord. One, for sending me here and meeting Akira. Then for ever creating me in the first place.

I realised I couldnt hide in the bathroom all day especially with all my duties. I walked heavy footed back to my office. Akira was curled up on the guest seat her eyes closed. Her face was so calm but was also streaked with tears. I sighed and closed my office door. I hoped no one had seen her. I leant down and pulled her into my arms bridle style.

Akira stirred. She looked at me with sleepy eyes watching me as I sat down. I cradled her in my lap. "I'm sorry" she whispers.

"No, I should be sorry" I mutter.

"Tell me, Wolf" she whispers beginning to cry again. "Please"

"I didnt hurt your mother"

"You were at my house" she says firmly.

"Yes" I say simply.

"Who was it?" she whispers. I tilt up her chin and look her straight into her eyes. She looks back with very teary eyes. I dont answer and she looks down. "Can I not trust you?"

I feel like I was hit in the face with a frying pan. "You can" I whisper looking at her firmly knowing the hurt will show in my eyes. She looks down a bit ashamed but I just tilt her face back up. "I'm trying to protect you"

"By letting my mother be kidnapped?" she snaps then takes a deep breath. "It could be anything. Ever since I met you nothings simple. It could be a vampire for all I know or worse"

I cant hold back the chuckle and she glares up at me. I look at her firmly. "I will find her, Akira. For you I will but... I cant... tell you who took her. It could get you killed"

Akira bite her lip and went silent. She looked so innocent. So helpless. I tilt her chin and kiss her softly. Her arms wrap round my neck pulling her body close to mine. The next thing I know is I'm kissing her intense and standing up. I sit Akira on her desk and begin to unbutton her shirt kissing down her body. "Wolf" she gasps incredulous but cant stop the moan rolling off her lips when I press my hips to hers.

"We cant be doing this" she whispers and I kiss her neck getting her school skirt hitched up.

"We can. Let me take you away, Akira" I whisper. She falls silent for a moment but I watch her eyes close and her hands suddenly pull my body closer.

"Take me away" she whispers.

The End

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