"Here are your files, Mr Darke"

My head shot up suddenly then as I entered the reception and there Denis stood files clutched in her perfectly manicured hand. I could see the boys off to the side staring at her with dreamy eyes. I clench my teeth and take the files from her hand. "What sre you doing here?" I hiss coldly.

"My job" she breathed back. "I noticed that little gift you gave that girl. That better be part of your means to turn this town to crumbles"

I snarled back and I noticed the guys were whispering now. I turned on them. "Haven't you got classes to be in boys?" I ask sharply raising my eyebrow. They scuttle out there like dogs with their tails between there legs. Denise laughs her cool laugh echoing out sounding like nails scratching along a chalk board.

"My my" she says with a wink. "Guess you still got some fire inside you"

"You want fire" I growl turning on her. I grip the edge of the reception desk fire flicking of my finger tips and scorching the word. I flash my fangs at her and Denise steps back a bit scared.

"You hurt me you'll be in big trouble" she whispers. I curse and release my grip on the table slowly stepping back. I cant stop the growl that rolls out of my throat. As I step back though Denise relaxes smiling slowly. "Good demon" she says patronizingly. I hiss and she hisses back.

"What do you want?" I finally ask her. "You're following me around like a lost puppy. Everything is moving according to plan. Our Lord knows that so why are you here?"

"Our Lord asked me cause he's worried" she says relaxing down into her receptionist chair. She gestures to the files I dropped and I curse picking them up. Denise sighs rolling her eyes and checks her nails with annoyance.

"Why?" I hiss and when I get no reply I have to bite back my growl as another teacher comes in. Miss Perry I believe is her name.

"Well done about that promotion, Wolf" she says pushing her glasses back up onto her nose. She smiles at me blushing and I easily tell shes got a crush on me. Denise realize as well and snickers stopping to pick up another file on her desk. She sits up flashing a sweet smile.

"Here you go, Miss Perry" Denise says holding out the file.

"Oh, thank you" Miss Perry says taking the file and clutching it to her chest.

"Thanks, Miss Perry" I say pulling her attention back to me. "I really didn't expect it"

The lie falls off my tongue easily and Miss Perry looks up at me rocking back and forth on her heels. "You know its the prom this weekend" Miss Perry says. "I heard you are on watcher duty since you'll be bringing some of the students from your drama group performance. I'd be happy to help you out"

"I think I will be fine" I say quickly knowing exactly why she wishes to accompany me. "It was nice of you to offer though"

"Oh, okay. Goodbye, Wolf. Thank you again, Denise" she says then scuttles out clutching the files tightly. I sigh and begin to short the file in my hand having not had chance since I picked it back up.

"Sees you attract loads of girls" Denise teases leaning forward on her desk. Her eyes flash darkly and I hold back a shiver which is strange. I'm a superior demon I shouldn't even feel a smidge of a threat from a siren. Maybe its cause my soul is changing and that's changing me. I quench down my fear in annoyance.

"So?" I ask her she doesn't reply just flashing a smile and sitting back. "What are you doing with my shadow walker?"

"That's for me to know and for you to find out" she says winking. "Ha, human sayings are just so fascinating"

I rolls my eyes and without another word stalk out. I soon bump into Zane who looks at me jerks his head back in the direction of my office and then walks off. I head towards my office and find a sealed envelope. I quickly open it and sit down to read.

                Melissa's accident - my persons body, Zane, is suspected. Spreading fear.
Wolf (yourself) and Akira, suspected lovers. Caused another girl to sleep with science teacher Mr Matthews. Now main focus of gossip.
Dark thoughts are spreading. Young girl commit suicide. Grade A student - police are dumb founded as are parents who are sueing her workplace where she commited said suicide.
Church is being questioned and critisied.
Nothing else to report'

I sigh and shred the report leaning back in my chair. I push a hand back through my hair and then lean forward on my desk. I fold my arms across in letting my head drop and rest there.

What am I doing? I promised Akira I'd try to change... Am I even actually trying at all? Things are already beginning to unravel and I'm so uncertain what to do. I need an answer.

The End

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