"Where's Akira?" called Eric who was having to act with Akira's stand in Millie. 

"At the hospital seeing her friend. Again" I say giving her a blunt reply. I walk back and forth down the aisle of chairs, four rows back. I examine the movement and there is no connection there. Millie is falling short and I find myself irritated by it. "Stop! Millie... a word"

I watch her squirm coming down the steps and up the aisle. "Yes, Wolf" she whispers fiddling with her fingers.

"You need to be Juliet" I tell her. "Not pretend. Now back"

She nods and moves back sad but determined. I sigh and watch as they start again. Then Akira arrives and I relax. I walk up to meet her finding her scared.

"Whats wrong?" I ask worried.

"Denise" she whispers. I bite my lip worried seeing all the other kids look towards us with interest. I squeeze her shoulder supportively.

"We'll talk later" I say jerking my head to indicate the people beginning to take interest. She nods slowly and moves past me towards the stage where Mollie is getting down looking quite irritated. If it was the old me I would make use of this. I would probably shout something like 'Great. Now time to get serious and not amateur'. I'm not the old me though.

I'm different. I've changed because of this.... this feeling of love inside me. I shake my head and concentrate on watching the scene. I watch as Akira moves up to the balcony set up and recites her soliloquay.

"'Tis but thy name that is my enemy,
Thou art thyself, though not a Montague"

Everyone seems to be in awe as she continues. They lean forward in their seats along the first and second row. Then she's done and for a moment Eric forgets to speak but quickly jumps in.

"I take thee at thy word" Eric says stepping forth. His voice sweeps out but no matter how well he speaks no one seems to react to him as strongly as they do to Akira's dazzling performance.

"Okay, enough" I call after about 20 minutes of speech back and forth. "I think we've done enough for today"

Everyone sighs relaxing and Akira carefully gets down from the balcony. Everyone claps as she gets down and I watch her blush. Then Eric does something I didnt expect. He sweeps her into his arms and kisses her. I stand frozen.

I feel anger begin to rise in me and then an echoing slap rings out. I burst out laughing at the sight of Eric's shocked face and Akira's cherry red one. Then I stop myself. "Eric, I think you should head home" I say sternly. When he passes me I stop him. "Don't touch her again"

Eric looks at me with wide eyes and I stare back firmly. He nods stepping away. "Sorry, Wolf. I thought she liked me back. I see not"

"Hmmph" I grunt and then watch him walk out then turn to watch the others pack their bags. They pack quickly and leave saying 'bye, Wolf' to me as they pass. I give a polite nod back. Finally its just me and Akira.

"What happened?" I ask as we take a seat in one of the aisle. Drama group now finished and I still found myself in awe of Akira's. Even with everything on her mind she was just natural at acting. I dont think she saw it though.

"Denise... she just showed up" Akira says pulling her feet up onto the seat and hugging them to her chest. I watch her seeing the way her hair falls forward. I hear her ragged breathing. She really is scared.

"What did she do?"

"She's... she said she knew, Zane" Akira mutters. "She just scared me. Especially when she vanished"

I curse no exactly where she would of vanished too. "Its okay. I'll keep you safe" I mutter hugging her.

"What's she doing with Zane?" she asks looking up at me with frightened eyes.

"I don't know" I mutter.

The End

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